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The Haunting of Hill House

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

June  22, 23, 24, 25 2022

The Haunting of Hill House

adapted by F Andrew Leslie
from the book by Shirley Jackson

Directed by Guy Steddon

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‘through a combination of sound, direction and strong acting, they pulled it off’
– Neil James –


Rose Shaw – Eleanor Vance

Lorena Di Bitonto – Mrs Dudley

Naomi Dasilva Perez – Theodora

Guy Steddon – Dr John Montague

Luke Mepham – Luke Sanderson

Nicola Russell – Mrs Montague

John Garland – Arthur Parker

Production Crew

Co-DirectorSuse Crosby

Stage ManagerJacqueline Harper

Deputy Stage ManagerJulian Batstone

Lighting DesignMartin Oakley

Lighting DesignSuse Crosby

Lighting OperationDan Dryer

Lighting Operation – Andy Crosby

Sound DesignGuy Steddon

Sound DesignBob Ryder

Sound OperationJeff Woodford

Sound OperationSuse Crosby

WardrobeMaggi Pierce

PropertiesDi Tidzer

PropertiesLauren Brakes

Set Design, Construction and PaintingSue Chaplin

Set Design, Construction and PaintingDave Comber

Set Design, Construction and PaintingMargaret Davy

Set Design, Construction and PaintingNigel Goldfinch

Set Design, Construction and PaintingMike King

Set Design & ConstructionSue Netley

Set Design & ConstructionGary Walker

Poster, Flyer & Programme Cover Artwork & DesignJudith Berrill

Promotional FilmPhil Nair-Brown

PublicitySuse Crosby

ProgrammeSuse Crosby

Photography Miles Davies

Programme Note #1: The Haunting of Hill House
GS wrote: ” In terms of stories – in every form – I always loved the macabre, the gothic and the creepy. Spooky spooks and scary monsters basically.

My adoration of this genre has sent me down all kinds of weird and wonderful rabbit holes in search of the very best stories to have been told. I must have read thousands over the years but Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” is comfortably one of the finest and brilliantly crafted book I have ever read.

I’m not alone in this; Stephen King refers to it, along with “The Turn of the Screw”, as one of the two truly brilliant supernatural stories ever written. Neil Gaiman says that it stands above all other ghostly tales and, since he read it as a teen, he remains Haunted by Hill House and by Eleanor, the lonely woman who comes to visit.

Despite my infatuation with the ghostly genre, I’ve long shied away from bringing onto the stage. The reason being, scary stories in the theatrical medium are hard to do successfully. For every spellbinding and clever piece, “The Woman in Black” for example, there are numerous plays that have fallen at the simplest hurdle; the tales are supposed to bring schills but often bring sniggers.

At last, I have found the courage to wrestle with my beloved spooky tales and this stage adaptation of this wonderful book – one that Shirley Jackson herself approved at the time. It’s a great interpretation of this story and calls upon many of the famous and infamous moments within.

I hope that you find this an entertaining and uneasy night at the theatre and that your time in Hill House is one that lingers long after the curtain falls.

I’ve been fortunate to assemble a wonderful cast and crew; though through various happen-stance, forced to take on a role myself and wear both a directorial and actors hat; thank heavens I was able to call upon the wonderful Suse Crosby as my second in command!

Welcome, one and all, to the poisonous home of Hugh Crain. Beware its insistent hospitality and those constant knocks upon your chamber door …