How To Date A Feminist

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

June  5,  6,  7, &  8 2024

How To Date A Feminist

by Samantha Ellis

Directed by
Mike Wells

Cast : Emily Dennett and Dan Dryer

Dan Dryer is Joe who is Ross who is Steve ……………………….. Emily Dennett is Kate who is Catrina who is Morag

Kate likes her men tall, dark and smouldering. She has a fatal attraction to bad men. Then she meets Steve – Steve is a feminist. Can Kate overcome her love of lipstick, cupcakes and Heathcliff? Can Steve forgo the ethical confetti and learn to be a little bit livelier as a lover? Can the two of them reinvent – romance for the twenty-first century?

Everything would be great if it wasn’t for their exes; on the one hand we have Carina, Steve’s feminist ex, who meets his mum more frequently than he does. On the other, we have Ross, who’s Kate’s slightly macho ex, and also her current boss.

Not to mention, their parents are two individuals who couldn’t be more different if they tried; Steve’s mum is a feminist activist who raised her son to be like her, while Kate’s dad is old-fashioned and first came in contact with feminism after reading about it when his wife left him.

A hilarious new spin on the Hollywood romcom featuring two proposals, two weddings, an elopement and a cast of unforgettable characters all played by two actors.

PLease Note: contains some swearing.

Age restrictions: unsuitable for those under 14