The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

March 30, 31, April 1 & 2


by Nick Dear
from the book by Mary Shelley

Directed by Diane Robinson

“Treat a person ill and he will become wicked!” Percy Shelley

This powerful, electrifying adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel moves away from depicting Doctor Frankenstein’s creation as the shambling brute of many earlier versions. This is still that Gothic tale, but rather than a tale of monstrosity, it is more a comment on the consequences of how we treat one another.

This moving story depicts Frankenstein’s creature at the heart of the production, emphasizing the human message of the story, rather than a criticism of science.

This adaptation of ‘Frankenstein’ by Nick Dear was performed to great acclaim at The National Theatre in 2011.

This Wick production uses an original musical score played live, and an ensemble of actors to tell this story in a way that you won’t forget.

“intelligent retelling of the original story”


Phil Nair-Brown – The Creature

Sam Razavi – Victor Frankenstein

Claire Wiggins – Gretel/ Female creature

Rosy Armitage – Clarice

Dan Dryer – Gustav/Ewan

Abbi Crawford – Klaus/Rab

Derek Fraser – De Lacey

Giles Newlyn-Bowmer – Felix/Constable

Heloise Bliss – Agatha/Female Creature

Lizzie Kroon – Elizabeth Lavenza

Ethan Dryer – William Frankenstein

David Creedon – Monsieur Frankenstein

Peter Joyce – Servant 1

Maggi Pierce – Servant 2

Cherry Briggs – Townsperson, Servant

Emily Dennett – Townsperson, Servant