Wick Theatre Company’s online database of its performances and their personnel was conceived and created by Peter Joyce in 2005.
Should you wish to comment or contact with material for archiving, please email.

Record of performances from :

[1] 1950 as the “Unity Players” performing in the Red Triangle Club, in the Twitten, Southwick
[2] 1951 as the “The Young Wick Players” performing in The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre
[3] 1962 as the “Wick Theatre Company” performing in The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

Performances will have :

[1] Production page
[2] Archive page
[3] Gallery page  : these will be populated with photographs by

Lucien Bouchy
Miles Davies
Ian Elliott
John Elliott
Isi Fink
Ray Hopper
George Laye
Ian Leavey
Phil Nair-Brown
Sam Taylor
Gary Walker

The photographer for a production’s foyer display or publicity, prior to the 2000’s was rarely given credit for their efforts – Ian Leavey, Ian and John Elliott come to mind. I have listed those I can recall and researching the archived programmes will determine who photographed which production.

For many years the local paper/s send a photographer to take publicity stills and these publications are acknowledged – Brighton Argus, Shoreham Herald aka Adur Herald aka Herald, Worthing Herald, Brighton and Hove Gazette, Brighton and Hove Herald, West Sussex Gazette.

Other archived material :

[1] One-Act Drama Festivals
[2] Full-Length Drama Competitions

Past Performances

Cast – Crew – Publicity – Reviews – Pictures

Cast & Crew

Actor Biographies


Southwick Community Centre One-Act Drama Festivals : 1954 – 1995

Full-Length Drama Competitions

Sussex Full-Length Drama Festival : inaugurated 1960 – partitioned 1966  [pages not yet built – 2021]

West Sussex Full-Length Drama Festival : inaugurated 1966  [pages not yet built – 2021]

Brighton & District Drama Association : Wick Theatre Company’s involvement : 1973 – 1977

Brighton & Hove Arts Council : 1984 – present