Auditions – Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

By Helen Edmundson

Directed by Diane Robinson

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Production dates : December 11, 12, 13 & 14 2024

Audition Dates : July 09 and 11 at 19.00

Open to the public; Southwick Community Centre, Southwick Street. BN42 4TE

Audition : you do not have to be member of the Company but will have to join if cast

Rehearsals : will begin mid-September,  Dates tbc, but will include Sundays and 2 eves per week

Please, do let me know if you want to audition but really can’t make the dates. Email director


Anna is beautiful, wealthy and very admired, but she is empty – until a chance meeting throws her into emotional turmoil and a scandalous affair. Running alongside this tale of destructive love is the story of Levin, an idealistic man trying to find meaning in life and a self-portrait of Tolstoy himself.

This wonderful adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic is a vibrant and very moving study on the nature of love. Originally written for Shared Experience, it won the Time out Award for outstanding Theatrical Event when it was first produced.

‘I am very, very good at pretending, at playing the wife and mother. I will not go on like this anymore. I am alive and God has made me so that I need to love and live’


This is an ensemble piece and some characters will multi-role so do not be too fixed on the playing ages.

We will be using some physical theatre techniques and all actors will be involved in some choreographed movement.

Anna and Levin will only play themselves

Levin: Male 25 – 32

A socially awkward but generous-hearted landowner who, along with Anna, is the co-protagonist of the play. Levin is intellectual and philosophical; he is a figurehead in the novel for Tolstoy himself

Anna: Female 25 – 32

Anna is the beautiful, passionate, and educated wife of Alexei Karenin. She is intelligent and literate, determined to live life on her own terms

Stiva: Male 34 – 40

Anna’s brother, a pleasure-loving aristocrat and minor government official whose affair with his children’s governess nearly destroys his marriage. He is very likeable despite his transgressions

Kitty: Female 18 – 22

A beautiful young woman who is courted by both Levin and Vronsky, Kitty is sensitive and perhaps a bit overprotected, despite her indifference to intellectual matters, Kitty displays great courage and compassion

Countess Vronsky: Female 50 – 60

Vronsky’s beautiful and judgmental mother

Vronsky: Male 22 – 35

A wealthy, charismatic and dashing military officer who is passionate and caring toward Anna but clearly disappointed when their affair forces him to give up his dreams of career advancement, there is a dark spot at the core of his personality

Railway Widow: Female 25 -50

A brief, but dramatic role

Agatha: Female any-age

Levin’s former nurse, now his trusted housekeeper

Dolly: Female 33

Stiva’s wife and Kitty’s older sister. Dolly is one of the few people who behaves kindly toward Anna after her affair becomes public

Seriozha: Any 8

The son of Anna and Karenin, may be played by a small adult – perhaps the actor playing Kitty

Karenin: Male 45 – 65

Anna’s husband; a cold and passion-less high-ranking Government official. He is formal, duty bound, but does show some compassion towards Anna when she is unwell

Princess Betsy: Female 35 – 60

A wealthy friend of Anna’s and Vronsky’s cousin. Betsy has a reputation for wild living and moral looseness

Governess: Female 40 – 55

Goveness to Seriozha

Petritsky: Male 25 – 40

Vronsky’s wild friend from the army. He has a propensity for losing large sums of money at gambling

Nikolai: Male 35 – 40

Levin’s sickly brother. Nikolai is representative of liberal social thought among certain Russian intellectuals of the period

Priest: Any

A brief role

Scriptavailable through Email director

Audition Pieces : available through Email director