The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

March 27, 28, 29, & 30 2019


by William Shakespeare

Directed by
Susanne Crosby

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“no gimmicks, no modern dress just the magic of the words”
– The Argus–


Guy Steddon – Macbeth

Jacqueline Harper – Lady Macbeth

Phil Nair – Brown – Macduff

Emily Hale – Witch

Nettie Sheridan – Witch

Katie Hunwick – Witch

John Garland – Banquo

Peter Thompson – Duncan

Kane Magee – Malcolm

David Aitchison – Donalbain

Sam Razavi – Lennox

Dan Dryer – Ross

David Aitchison – Menteith

Elliot Robinson – Angus

Katie Hunwick – Lady Macduff

Giles Newlyn–Bowmer – Fleance

Peter Thompson – Seyton

Derek Fraser – Doctor

Claire Coull – Gentlewoman

John Garland – Siward

Elliot Robinson – young Siward

Andrew Wesby – Sergeant/Captain

David Aitchison – Murderer

Elliot Robinson – Murderer

Andrew Wesby – Murderer

Derek Fraser – Wise old man

Giles Newlyn–Bowmer – Servant

Peter Joyce – Servant

Andrew Wesby – Porter


Production Crew

Stage ManagerDavid Comber

Deputy Stage ManagerJulian Batstone

Lighting Design Susanne Crosby

Lighting Design Martin Oakley

Lighting OperationMartin Oakley

Sound DesignSusanne Crosby

Sound DesignBob Ryder

Sound OperationJulian Batstone

WardrobeMaggi Pierce

WardrobeCherry Fraser

PropertiesDi Tidzer

PropertiesDoffey Reid

Set ConstructionDave Comber

Set ConstructionNigel Goldfinch

Set ConstructionCarl Gray

Set ConstructionMike King

Set ConstructionSue Netley

Set ConstructionGary Walker

Poster DesignJudith Berrill

PhotographyGary Walker

Promotional FilmsPhil Nair-Brown

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

PublicitySusanne Crosby

PublicityPeter Joyce

PublicityMaggi Pierce

Front of House – Emily Hale & The Wick Team


Programme Note #1: Macbeth

SC writes : Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s darkest plays: the tale of the brave Scottish General taken over by ambition and lust for power after receiving a supernatural prophecy, with not an insignificant push from his wife, is compelling, intriguing and enthralling. This play is about how those who have unchecked rule and lust for power can destroy everyone and everything in their path: including the ones they say they love. The those themes are current for all ages.

I fell in love with the play when I studied it at school. I have always had a strong vision for it, I wanted to create the most authentic version possible; and I knew I would have had to cast the strongest actors and work with the best backstage team to bring it to life.

I am hugely grateful to Wick Theatre Company: the Production Team have been absolutely amazing and my cast – I am so honoured to work with such amazing talented actors who have exceeded all my expectations.

Rehearsals have been intense, exhausting, inspiring and sometimes we;ve roared with laughter. I appluad them all, my fearless troup and I hope that you, the audience, enjoy the show.

Programme Note #2: Macbeth

The Real Macbeth : Macbeth was a real King of Scotland in the 11th Century, hence the Medieval setting of this play. His 17 year reign was mostly peaceful. Although some of the people did exist:Duncan, Malcol and Macduff for example; Shakespeare based his version on historical accoounts at the time that were inaccurate. It’s no accident that he wrote this play between 1603 – 1606, and King James 1 [King James 6 of Scotland] came to the throne i 1603, after Elizabeth 1, who ordered the execution of James’ mother: Mary Queen of Scots. King James also believedthat he was descended from Banquo.

Shakespeare was clearly politically astute to write of the power of roylaty, and to question a Queen that prioritises ambition and strength, which were seen as unfeminine traits at the time.