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Happy Family

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

January 3, 4, 5 & 6, 2018

Happy Family

by Giles Cooper

Directed by
Tony Brownings

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“Hard to find fault with”
– Brighton Argus –


Emily Hale – Deborah Solstice

Dan Dryer – Mark Solstice

Lyn Snowdon – Susan Solstice

Mark Best – Gregory Butler


Production Crew

Stage ManagerDave Comber

Technical OperatorJulian Batstone

LightingMartin Oakley

Sound DesignBob Ryder

WardrobeMaggie Pierce

WardrobeCherry Fraser

PropertiesRichard Ratcliffe

PropertiesDi Tidzer

Rehearsal PromptPeter Joyce

Set Construction and Scenic PaintingSue Chaplin

Set Construction and Scenic PaintingDave Comber

Construction and Scenic PaintingDave Collis

Construction and Scenic PaintingMargaret Davy

Construction and Scenic PaintingNigel Goldfinch

Construction and Scenic PaintingCarl Gray

Construction and Scenic PaintingPeter Joyce

Construction and Scenic PaintingGary Walker

PublicityJudith Berrill

PublicityPeter Joyce

PublicityMaggi Pierce

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

Poster and ProgrammeJudith Berrill

Front of HouseTor Dunster


Programme Note #1: Happy Family

TB wrote: “I first came across this play over thirty years ago when I played Mark Solstice at New Venture Theatre in Brighton. It has been in the back of my mind for at least 10 years to revive this forgotten gem of a play. Without giving anything away it is very funny but also has its darker moments.

It now has a deserved place in Wick’s 70th Season.”