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A Christmas Carol

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

December 14, 15, 16, 17

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
adapted by David Edgar

Directed by Nettie Sheridan

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“..triumphant directorial debut.. ”
– Mike Aiken, Brighton Source –



Bob Ryder – Scrooge

Guy Steddon – Charles Dickens / Young Scrooge / Bowler

Dan Dryer – John Forster / Young Marley / Topper

Nick Roughton – Marley

Diane Robinson -Ghost of Christmas Past

Susanne Crosby – Ghost of Christmas Present

Diane Robinson – Ghost of Christmas Future

Julian Batstone – Bob Cratchitt / Mr Hinge

Anna Quick – Mrs Cratchitt

David Aitchison – Fred

Naomi DaSilva Perez -Isabel (Belle) Fezziwig / Mrs Baldock

Emily Dennett – Jane / Cecilia Fezziwig

Tim Ingram – Mr Fezziwig / Robert

Zöe Edden – Mrs Fezziwig / Launderess

Sharon Churchill – Mrs Trowell / Charwoman

Cathy Byrne – Lady Tibshelf / Aunt

Freya Sheridan – Martha Cratchitt / Lucy

Poppy Yorke Williams – Belinda Cratchitt

Lauren Brakes – Fanny / Amy

Sam Razavi – Old Joe / Mr Tumbler

Kizzy Parker – Caroline

Richard Clements – George /Doctor/ 1st Businessman / Helmsman

Peter Joyce – Wicker / 2nd Businessman / Ships Officer

Sally Creissen – Cook

Rosy Armitage – Frau Touchnote / Company Musician

Amanda Evans – Matron


Fraser Thomson – Tim Cratchit / Company

Ethan Dryer– Boy Scrooge / Solo Caroller / Henry / Company

Ava Mills – Katherine / Fezziwigs Maid / Company

James Bolton – Master Tinder / Grown Tim / Company

Lucas Stewart – Peter Cratchit / Company

Brooke Parry – Susan Cratchit / Company

Zac Emerson – Joe Cratchit / Doctor’s Boy / Company

Amelie Chedgy – 1st Fezziwig Child / Victoria / Company

Miley Simmonds – 2nd Fezziwig Child / Company

Lochlan Steddon – Ignorance / Small Fezziwig Boy /Company

Merryn Steddon – Want / Company

Evony Thomson – Charlotte / Company

Production Crew

Assistant Director – Charlotte Anne Atkinson

Musical Director : original music and arrangementsLiz Ryder-Weldon

ChoreographerPoppy Yorke-Williams

Production Assistant – Debbie Creissen

Voice CoachDee Forrest

Stage ManagerSam Razavi

Deputy Stage ManagerJohn Garland

Lighting DesignMartin Oakley

Lighting DesignSusanne Crosby

Lighting Operation Martin Oakley

Sound Design – Gary Cook

Sound OperationJeff Woodford

Costume Design and WardrobeLindsay Midali

Costume Design and WardrobeMaggi Pierce

Costume Design and WardrobeNettie Sheridan

Costume Design and WardrobeEmily Dennett

Hair and Makeup – Chris Horlock

PropertiesDi Tidzer

PropertiesDoffey Reid

PropertiesLauren Brakes

Properties – specialist items – Steven Adams

Properties – specialist items – Gary Cook

Properties – specialist itemsMike King

Properties – specialist itemsLindsay Midali

Properties – specialist itemsMartin Oakley

Properties – specialist itemsNick Roughton

Properties – specialist itemsNettie Sheridan

Set Design, Construction and PaintingSue Chaplin

Set Design, Construction and PaintingDave Comber

Set Design, Construction and PaintingNigel Goldfinch

Set Design, Construction and PaintingMike King

Set Design, Construction and PaintingMartin Oakley

Set Design, Construction and PaintingSue Netley

Set Design, Construction and PaintingGary Walker

Programme Cover, Flyer and Poster Artwork Judith Berrill

Publicity and ProgrammeSuse Crosby

Publicity – FoyerPhil Nair-Brown

Programme Note #1: A Christmas Carol
NS wrote: “ Welcome! I’m absolutely delighted to be able to present this gorgeous, intelligent, and incredibly heart-warming production of one of the most loved stories ever written.

This socially-conscious adaptation puts Charles Dickens and his ambitions in the foreground along with the influential 1843 parliamentary report on the condition of children in the mines and manufacturers. Dickens planning to pen an angry rport on the subject of children in the workplace is encouraged by John Forster [literary advisor and friend] to write something bigger, a story, something that will ‘echo down the ages’.

This version by David Edgar premiered in 2017, when millions of people were trusting in foodbank donations to furnish their tables, and the increasing levels of homelessness haunted city streets. The current cost of living crisis has made economic inequality and poverty an even more pressing reality. A story that will echo down the ages indeed.

This is my directorial debut with Wick Theatre Company, and I have been blessed with a team of 25 super adult actors and 12 wonderfully enthusiastic, talented youth actors.

I have to mention some brilliant minds. Firstly, my Assistant Director, Charlotte Atkinson, an angel, so supportive, pro-active, precise, persistent, consistent, note-taker, coffee fueller, lemon cake maker and, well, an incredible human being – thank you so much. Also, to Liz Ryder-Weldon our Musical Director, she has the patience of a saint, such a wonderful musical talent; arranging vocals and composing utterly gorgeous score. Thank you. Also, special thanks to Lindsay Midali, amazing wardrobe mistress – truly an enormous task, but with the greatest ‘can do’ attitude, fuelled by thread, fabric, latte and a great sense of humour. And, to all my wonderful cast and crew, thank you for getting under the skin of my vision – for contributing, collaborating, sharing and believing.

God Bless you – every one.”