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The Exorcism

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

January 8, 9, 10, & 11 2020

From TV’s Dead of Night series –

The Exorcism

by Don Taylor

Directed by
Susanne Crosby

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“terryifying tale of injustice”
– Elaine Hammond – Shoreham Herald –


Anna Steddon – Rachel

Sam Razavi – Edmund

Emily Dennett – Margaret

John Garland – Dan

Dan Dryer – Newsreader


Production Crew

Stage ManagerDavid Comber

Deputy Stage ManagerJulian Batstone

Lighting Design & OperationMartin Oakley

Score Composer & PerformerSam Razavi

Guest vocalist – Menchu Razavi

Sound DesignBob Ryder

Sound DesignSusanne Crosby

Sound OperationDan Dryer

CostumesMaggi Pierce

CostumesCherry Fraser

PropertiesDi Tidzer

PropertiesDoffey Reid

Set Design & ConstructionDave Comber

Set Design & ConstructionNigel Goldfinch

Set Design & ConstructionCarl Gray

Set Design & ConstructionMike King

Set Design & ConstructionSue Netley

Set Design & ConstructionGary Walker

Set PaintingSue Chaplin

Set PaintingMargaret Davy

Poster & Programme DesignJudith Berrill

Programme CompilationSusanne Crosby

Promotional photographyGary Walker

Promotional photographySam Taylor

Promotional filmPhil Nair-Brown

Additional FilmingPhil Nair-Brown

Publicity Susanne Crosby

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

PublicityPeter Joyce

PublicityMaggie Pierce


Programme Note #1: The Exorcism

SC writes: Welcome to a new year: new decade of theatre productions at the Barn. We start off with an unusual classic ghostly chiller, ideal for warming a cold winter’s night.

A contradiction? Apparently not. If we are scared by something that we know is not actually going to harm us, physically we can relax and enjoy it: known as a “safety net”. Feeling fearful results in a rush of adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine, which in turn makes us feel really good, especially when we feel safe to enjoy it. Of course that doesn’t explain how we’ve been scaring each other silly at rehearsals and leaving together so we’re none of us alone in the dark!

I’m so grateful to Guy Steddon who put the “Dead of Night” DVD in my hand and told me to think about directing it. I absolutely fell in love with it and when I read the play it was even better.

I’ve been hugely privileged to work with the best actors; each one brings so much it’s been an absolute joy to direct.

Special thanks to Sam for composing and recording the music, and for cooking Christmas dinner every single night of the run!

The crew as always have been absolutely brilliant, each in their own expert way.

I hope you get suitably, deliciously, scared: enjoy the show!