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Where The Rainbow Ends

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

January 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 1978

Where The Rainbow Ends

by Roger Quilter
Directed by
Frances Moulton

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“Full houses for this fantasy”
– Shoreham Herald –



Sarah Titley – Rosamund Carey

Simon Gray – Crispian Carey

Audrey Laye – Matilda Flint

Bill Mack – Joseph Flint

Abigail Rowe – William

Antony Muzzall – Jim Blunders

Meriel Burge – Betty Blunders

Tim Cara – John Carey

Sally Bacon – Vera Carey

Wendy Smale – Cubs, a baby lion


Barrie Bowen – St. George

Brian Moulton – The Dragon King

John King – Dunks, his Chief Minister

Beverley Harris – The Genie of the carpet

Alicia Sporle – Will of the Wisp

Jane Vrettos – Sea Witch

Emily Reed – Sea Witch

Denis Picott – Slacker

Peter Joyce – Slacker

Karen Mitchell – Fairy Queen

Sarah Rose – Fairy

Karen Dewey – Fairy

Heidi Harrison – Fairy

Angela Paterson – Elf

Jason Lea – Elf

Melissa Lea – Elf

Cara Ticehurst – Woodmouse

Caroline Thomsett – Rabbit

Catherine Watt – Rabbit

Samantha Sawyer – Rabbit

Nicole Fisher – Rabbit

Nikki Boniface – Frog

Colette Fisher – Frog

Melissa Lea – Dragon Fly

Nicole Fisher – Dragon Fly

Sharon Tree – Spirit of the Lake

Neil Boniface – Hyena

Tim Watt – Hyena

Stephen Abraham – Hyena

Debbie Broadrib – Black Bear

Nikki Boniface – Dragon

Colette Fisher – Dragon

Jonathon Dawes – Dragon

Bruno Cass – Dragon

Amanda Dawes – Tree

Karen Mitchell – Rainbow Child

Bruno Cass – Rainbow Child

Emily Reed – Rainbow Child

Lee Topping – Rainbow Child

Sarah Rose – Rainbow Child

Nikki Boniface – Rainbow Child

Caroline Thomsett – Rainbow Child

Catherine Watt – Rainbow Child


Production Crew

Director AssistantSheila Wright

ChoreographyJeanette Goode

MusicMary Radford

Stage ManagerAlan Upton

AssistantElizabeth Wrighton

AssistantElizabeth Prince

Set Design & ConstructionAntony Muzzall

Set Design & ConstructionBrian Moulton

Set Design & ConstructionPeter Joyce

Set Design & ConstructionVincent Joyce

Lighting & SoundFrank Hurrell

Lighting & Sound AssistantAndrew Theaker

PropertiesFrances Thorne

PropertiesMargaret Davy

Front of HouseFrances Moulton


Programme Note #1: Where The Rainbow Ends

FM wrote “I have enjoyed directing this play for many reasons, but mostly because of the tremendous help and support I have had from the young members in the cast, some of whom have given a great deal of their time in designing and building scenery. I have found it very rewarding in this day, when we are constantly being bombarded by juvenile hooliganism, to be privileged in seeing the other side of today’s youth. I would like to take this opportunity of publicly thanking them.

I first read Where the Rainbow Ends, as a small child and like most children, forgot it. When I was asked to direct it for the Wick Theatre Company Christmas production, I read it again and thought what a charming story it was. It is such a delight to find a story where good triumphs over evil, children respect their elders and believe in ideals.

I hope you too will enjoy, in the next two hours, a light, happy, experience..”

Programme Note #2: Where The Rainbow Ends

It is not often that authors of plays find themselves under the heading ‘plays and players’ in our program but in this case Roger Quilter is of local interest. Roger Quilter was born at 4 Brunswick Square, Hove on November 1st 1877. Whilst he was to remain unmarried he held a remarkable love for children. Quilter’s most successful work is Where the Rainbow Ends and when it was first produced in 1911 it was remarked upon as “the best fairy music since Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It says much for both Quilter’s words and music that the play ran unbroken, apart for the war years, until the early ’60s.

Our production has a cast full of youngsters many of whom answered our advertisement in the local press.

Sarah Titley presently at St. Mary’s Hall has appeared with Shoreham Light Opera in Wizard of Oz.

Simon Gray is at Portslade Community College and has appeared recently in their production of Noah, he is also a member of the Southwick Operatic.

Sharon Tree also schools at Portslade and played the part of Naomi in Noah.

Alicia Spoors is at Sion Convent in Worthing and has appeared in her school’s productions of Sound of Music, in which she played Gretel, and also King and I.

Karen Mitchell is at Neville Sec. and has been in Brighton Operatic’s pantos as has Wendy Smale with Brighton & Hove Operatic.

Antony Muzzall is now at art college in Worthing, since leaving Kings Manor. Antony has acting experience with the school’s productions.

Meriel Burge has appeared in Brighton Operatic’s King and I.