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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2018


by Phyllis Nagy

Directed by
Guy Steddon

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“Audience stayed enthralled throughout”
– Shoreham Herald –


Jacqueline Harper – Sarah Casey

Dan Dryer – Elston Rupp

Phil Nair-Brown – Jack Fallon

Susanne Crosby – Ellen Casey

John Garland – Ted Mitchell

Sarah Frost – Natalie

Matt Arnold – Anthony

H Reeves – Timothy Creighton


Production Crew

Assistant Director – Christopher Reagan

Stage ManagerDave Comber

Technical OperatorJulian Batstone

Lighting DesignMartin Oakley

Sound DesignBob Ryder

WardrobeMaggie Pierce

WardrobeAnna Steddon

WardrobeGuy Steddon

PropertiesDi Tidzer

PropertiesDoffey Reid

PropertiesAnita Shipton

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingSue Chaplin

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingDave Comber

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingMargaret Davy

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingNigel Goldfinch

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingCarl Gray

Set Design, Construction and Scenic PaintingGary Walker

PublicityJudith Berrill

PublicityPeter Joyce

PublicityMaggi Pierce

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

PublicityGuy Steddon

Poster DesignJudith Berrill

ProgrammeAnna Steddon

Front of HouseTor Dunster


Programme Note #1: Disappeared

A warm welcome to the Wick Theatre Company production of Disappeared.

My first encounter with this play goes back to my days as a penniless drama student at the start of the millennium when I picked up a heavily reduced copy from a closing down bookshop. I’d never heard of Phyllis Nagy or the play before. It was simply one ofa handful of modern plays I grabbed that day. I could so easily have picked up any umber of different ones.

It was one of the greatest bargains I have ever scored because I love this play, it is genuinely one of my all-time favourites. I hope tht you will love it too.

From the first time I read it – and then immediately re-read it -all those years ago to writing this note now, it has stayed with me, resonated with me and intrigued me.

I’m thrilled and delighted to have secured such a talented group of actors and crew members to bring this to life – the enthusiasm, energy, and willingness to experiment and bring ideas to the table has been brilliant. It has been a joy to work on and my heartfelt thanks to all who have been part of this journey.

Now, sit back and prepare to be immersed in intrigue because …Sarah Casey has disappeared.