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Our Day Out

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

August 9, 10 & 11, 2007

Our Day Out

by Willy Russell

Directed by
Mark Best

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“Assurance that belied her years”
– Brighton Argus –


Ian Grover – Colin

Sammy Scammell – Susan

Matt Bayford – Morris

Tom Pearson – Reilly

Hugo Harwood – Digga

Rhys Webb – Andrews

William McDonald – Ronson

Miles Bland – Kevin

James Villiers – Jimmy

Tom Harris – Driver

Kirsty Biss – Carol

Allegra Drury – Karn

Sophie Lane – Linda

Rols Ham-Riche – Les

Danny Bayford – Shopkeeper & Zookeeper

David Thomas – Shopkeeper & Zookeeper

Katie Whitmore – Child

Addie Marten – Child

Holly Knight – Child

Chloe Dyer – Child

Nikki Dunsford – Mrs. Kay

Ian White – Mr. Briggs

Bob Ryder – Headmaster


Production Crew

Assistant DirectorsKevin Isaac

Assistant DirectorsRyan Lainchbury

Stage ManagerDavid Comber

Technical Stage ManagerHelen Brewster

Lighting DesignMike Medway

Lighting & SoundMike Medway

Lighting & SoundJonathon Weldon

ASMZoey Attree

ProjectionKevin Isaac

Projection DesignHelen Brewster

Properties & CostumeZoey Attree

Workshop TeamDavid Comber

Workshop TeamDavid Collis

Workshop TeamRichard Bulling

Backstage CrewAndrew Cleveland

Backstage CrewDan Upton

Backstage CrewRichard Bulling

Publicity & DesignRosemary Bouchy

Publicity & DesignRosemary Brown

Publicity & DesignHelen Brewster

Production PhotosLucien Bouchy

Front of HouseBetty Dawes

Box OfficeMargaret Murrell

Box OfficeMark Flower

Programme Note #1: Our Day Out

MB wrote: “Our Day Out is Young Wick’s fourth major production and my fourth year directing this talented group of young performers. I cannot express enough the pride and gratitude I have towards this dedicated cast. Their energy and enthusiasm h been shown in every aspect of the production. I wish to also thank Ryan Lainchbury and Kevin Isaac, who have been supportive throughout.

On and off stage, Young Wick have contribute to designing and putting together the production getting involved in lighting, sound, costume and publicity. They have proved, after winning Brighton & Hove Council awards lat year, that they are an ensemble company who can perform and produce show of excellence standards.

Our Day Out was written in the late 1970s by Willy Russell. The play is based on his experiences of trips in his own school in Liverpool. The play chronicles a day out for the progress class taken by their teacher Mrs. Kay. Determined they should enjoy themselves, she is overshadowed by the oppressive senior teacher Mr. Briggs, who believes the kids should behave and have fun in an orderly fashion.

Let Young Wick take you on the unforgettable day out. Remember, were you one of the kids making gestures out of the coach window?”