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Daisy Pulls It Off

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

September 9, 10, 11 & 12 1992

Daisy Pulls It Off

by Denise Deegan

Directed by
Antony Muzzall

1992 BHAC Full Length Drama Competition
– Merit Award : for their energy and warmth especially the choreography of the hockey match and novel audience participation

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“Wizard fun from these Wick girls”
– Shoreham Herald –


Miss Trudy Nash – Daisy Meredith

Mrs. Joan Bearman – Mother

Miss Yvonne Chadwell – Monica Smithers

Miss Rebecca Brigden – Clare Beaumont

Miss Suzanne Courtney – Sybil Burlington

Miss Paula Dalton – Alice Fitzpatrick

Miss Karen Butcher – Trixie Martin

Mrs. Daphne Thornton – Miss Granville

Mrs. Margaret Ockenden – Miss Gibson [Headmistress]

Miss Charlotte Hall – Belinda Mathieson

Miss Jayne Field – Winnie Irving

Miss Hannah Collis – Dora Johnston

Mr. John Barham – Mr. Scoblowski

Mr. Barrie Bowen – Mr. Thompson


Production Crew

Director AssistantMrs. J. Roff

Director AssistantMiss J. Redman

Wardrobe Co-ordinationMrs. M. Faggetter

Set DesignMr. A. Muzzall

Stage ManagerMiss S. Whittaker

Assistant Stage ManagerMiss J. Brown

Portraits PainterMiss J. Berrill

Set Construction & PaintingMr. B. Box

Set Construction & PaintingMr. D. Collis

Set Construction & PaintingMr. D. Comber

Set Construction & PaintingMrs. M. Davy

Set Construction & PaintingMr. M. Davy

Set Construction & PaintingMr. R. Dawes

Set Construction & PaintingMr. M. Flower

Set Construction & PaintingMrs. F. Thorne

Set Construction & PaintingMiss S. Whittaker

PropertiesMrs. M. Davy

PropertiesMrs. F. Thorne

ContinuityMrs. J. Roff

LightingMr. P. Roberts

EffectsMrs. J. Roff

Front of House ManagementMr. M. Flower

Front of House ManagementMr. G Illman

Front of House ManagementMrs. J Illman

Box OfficeMiss. J. Redman

PublicityMr. A. Cregeen

PublicityMr. J. Boath

PublicityMiss L. Clarke

PublicityMrs A. Donkin

PublicityMrs. J. Porter

Foyer & Theatre Display PhotographyMr. G. Laye

Foyer FlowersMrs. A. Laye


Programme Note #1: Daisy Pulls It Off

A Message from the Chairman of the Governors, Grangewood School.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, parents and friends for supporting the school’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations and hope you enjoy this evening’s entertainment, especially prepared for you, by the girl of the Upper Fourth and members of the staff here at Grangewood.

It was a privilege to be able to watch rehearsals progress through to fruition and, along with my colleagues, Miss Redman (Vice-Chairman) and Mrs. Roff (Hon. Secretary), I feel that all their dedication and hard work deserves a jolly good pat on the back.

I should like to thank several members of staff for their sterling behind-the-scenes support: Art Mistress, Miss Berrill and Practical Craft Master, Mr. Collis (along with his team) for the decor and settings; Mr. Roberts (Science Master) – for lighting the whole event; Miss Whittaker (Games Mistress) for keeping general order; Mrs. Davy (School Secretary) for gathering together the various bits and pieces for the show – which I believe are called ‘properties’ by those theatrically-minded and all the girls and staff members who have helped in any way.

Before I end, I should like to extend my thanks to the two main benefactors of Grangewood – without whom this evening’s play could not have been made possible – Miss Angela Brazil and Mrs. Enid Blyton. These two people established role models upon which the spirit of Grangewood is firmly rooted – and we thank them for their legacy.

There is nothing left for me to say except that I hope you leave at the end of the evening tremendously thrilled by the performance and with our school motto ringing clearly in your ears –

HONESTA QUAM MAGNA – How Great are Noble Things

Cordially your,
Mr. Antony Muzzall
(Chairman of the Board of Governors)”

A Message from the Girls of the Upper Fourth.

“We would like to thank just about everyone who helped us put this show together for being such jolly whizzing good eggs about everything. We hope you have a spiffing time as you watch our joyful japes, and enter into the spirit of the evening. We think it is all frightfully exciting and wish Grangewood another successful 25 years of scholastic and sporting achievements. Where would England and the Empire be if there were no longer Hockey Championships or Grangewood School for Girls?”


Kind Regards
The Upper Fourth