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SCA – Twenty-Second Festival of Arts & Crafts

Southwick & Fishersgate Community Association – Twenty-Second Festival of Arts & Crafts

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 11 & 12 1975

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Adjudicator: Mr Basil Soper of The British Guild of Drama Adjudicators

Winning Group: Wick Theatre Company

The Runners-up: The Aquarius Theatre Group

Best Actor: Jack Bingham – Wick Theatre Company

Best Actress: Monica Joyce – Wick Theatre Company & Jenny Leworthy – The Aquarius Theatre Group

One-Act Drama Festival

Competitors – in order of appearance:

Aquarius Theatre Group


by Bernard Shaw

Produced by Unknown

The Ashington Players

A Phoenix Too Frequent

by L Du Garde Peach

Produced by Unknown

The Barnstormers

The Rose and Crown

by J B Priestly

Produced by Unknown

The Rother Players

The Frontier

by Joanne Evers

Produced by Unknown

Steyning Downland W.I. Drama Group

A King’s Command

by Beatrice Leader

Produced by Unknown

Wick Theatre Company


by Jean Anouilh

Produced by Monica Joyce

Laura Martin – Chorus
Sheila Deasey – Chorus
Jane Durance – Chorus
Jonathan Skelton – Chorus
Andrew Theaker – Chorus
Monica Joyce – Antigone
Betty Dawes – Nurse
Suzanne Brocken – Ismene
Peter Joyce – Haemon
Jack Bingham – Creon
Alan Upton – 1st Guard
Ralph Dawes – 2nd Guard
Pat Johnson – Messenger
Matthew Bingham – Page