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SCA – Nineteenth Festival of Arts & Crafts

Southwick & Fishersgate Community Association – Ninteenth Festival of Arts & Crafts
The Drama Festival this year is again being run as a first stage of the British Drama League Festival.

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 21 & 22 1972

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Adjudicator: Mr. Frank B. Kelly M.A., A.D.B., G.O.D.A.

Winning Group: The Rother Players

Best Actor: Harry Cooper – Aquarius Theatre Group

Best Actress: Audrey Laye – Wick Theatre Company

One-Act Drama Festival

Competitors – in order of appearance:

The Wick Theatre Company

Stay Where You Are

by Olwen Wymark

Produced by George Porter

Audrey Laye – Nina
Pat Moss – Ellen
Douglas Tucker – Taddy
Neil Shephard – David

Setting & Stage Direction – George Laye
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Dawes

The Attic Theatre Group

The Long Christmas Dinner

by Thornton Wilder

Produced by Marilyn Carey & Keith Saxon

The Aquarius Theatre Group


by Arthur Pinero

Produced by Eddie Mortell

The Southwick Players

The Rats

by Agatha Christie

Produced by Edward Hood Snr

The Aquarius Theatre Group

The Rising Generation

by Anne Jellicoe

Produced by Betty Midderigh

The Rother Players

The Monstrous Regiment

by Joanna Evers

Produced by St. John Evers