How to Date a Feminist

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

June  5,  6,  7, &  8 2024

How To Date A Feminist

by Samantha Ellis

Directed by
Mike Wells

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“ Characterisation is good, direction is excellent ”
– Roz Scott – Brighton Source –


Emily Dennett  – Kate : Carina : Morag

Dan Dryer – Steve : Ross : Joe

Production Crew

Production AssistantCaroline Woodley
Stage ManagerPeter Joyce
Deputy Stage ManagerJulian Batstone
Lighting DesignMartin Oakley
Lighting OperationJulian Batstone
Sound DesignBob Ryder
Sound OperationJeff Woodford
Wardrobe and CostumeCaroline Woodley
Set Design, Construction and PaintingSue Chaplin
Set Design, Construction and PaintingDave Comber
Set Design, Construction and PaintingNigel Goldfinch
Set Design, Construction and PaintingMike King
Set Design, Construction and PaintingSue Netley
Set Design, Construction and PaintingGary Walker
Publicity, Programme and ArtworkJudith Berrill
Publicity, Programme and ArtworkSusanne Crosby
Publicity, Programme and ArtworkPeter Joyce
Publicity, Programme and ArtworkGuy Steddon
Publicity TrailerJulian Batstone
Publicity TrailerSusanne Crosby
Publicity Photographs – Darcey Nixon

Programme Note #1: Fuddy Meers
MW writes ” Samantha Ellis’s brilliant play deals in a funny, fast moving and thought-provoking way with the problems facing couples at a time when there is so much consciousness about gender roles and traditional values.

It is partly a delightful ‘rom-com’ about the ups and downs of a modern relationship between a feminist and a traditionalist – with the twist that it is the guy who is the feminist.  But it is also about the influences of parental upbringing – with the actors also playing the parents.  To add to the mix, the cast also play former partners who take feminism and male chauvinism to the edge!

Presenting the play in the round takes us directly into the characters’ emotions and the furious costume changes remind us that beneath the different exterior appearance of the various characters there is some underlying similarity.

Steve may seem to be very different in his views from the macho Ross and the traditional Joe but is there is an underlying core of maleness?

Kate may seem to be very different from radical feminists Carina and Morag, but does she share some of their strengths?

Something to think about and much to enjoy in this delightful and modern ‘battle of the sexes’ comedy.

My thanks to my brave and amazing cast for taking on not one but three roles each, in this lovely, but very demanding play and to the great support from the backstage crew.”

Programme Note #2: Fuddy Meers
Samantha Ellis is an author, journalist, script writer and playwright.  She is from a family of Iraqi Jewish refugees and lives in London.

“How to Date a Feminist” premiered at the Arcola Theatre in 2016.  It has also been produced in Poland, Mexico, Germany, the US and Turkey.

In her own words it is ‘a twist on the Hollywood rom com and a passionate love story’.