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The Night of the Iguana

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

February 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 1974

The Night of the Iguana

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by
George Porter

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“Wick’s Iguana on the Williams wavelength”
– Shoreham Herald –


Valerie Bingham – Maxine Faulk

Colin Hunt – Pedro

Mike King – Pancho

Roger Stott – Reverend Shannon

Barrie Bowen – Hank

Keith Denyer – Herr Fahrenkopf

Ulla Sharman – Frau Fahrenkopf

Stephen Hayler – Wolfgang

Sheila Deasey – Hilda

Frances Moulton – Judith Fellowes

Jean Porter – Hannah Jelkes

Helena Drzyzga – Charlotte Goodall

Neil McKellar – Jonathan Coffin [Nonno]

Neil Shepherd – Jake Latta


Production Crew

Stage ManagerBill Mack

Production SecretaryMonica Joyce

Set DesignerVincent Joyce

Set ConstructionBill Mack

Set ConstructionTony Morrison

Set ConstructionPaul Vrettos

Assistant Stage ManagerEthel Barrs

Assistant Stage ManagerSally Browne

LightingFrank Hurrell

SoundFrank Hurrell

SoundVincent Joyce

WardrobeMary Payne

PropertiesMargaret Davy

Front of House ManagerGeorge Penney

Display PhotographsJohn Elliott


Programme Note #1: Night of the Iguana

GP wrote: “At last the Iguana, a play on our list for production for several years. In rehearsal we have studied the play in detail and have wondered why we waited so long. It is a fascinating drama of contrasting characters requiring acting of strength and sensitivity.

The Reverend Lawrence T. Shannon [defrocked] says he is ‘at the end of his rope’ – like the captive iguana under the Mexican verandah. There are many symbols in this play. Is the captive iguana a symbol of man’s spirit [or Shannon’s] struggling to be free of guilt for lost ideals? Are Maxine and Hannah symbols for physical and spiritual love? Will Shannon, at the end of his rope, always opt for second best? Does Nonno’s poem explain Hannah or the play? I hope you will find your answers as the story unfolds.”

Programme Note #2: Night of the Iguana

“With Night of the Iguana, we reach the ‘strong meat’ of our season’s menu. We hope you will find it as powerful and satisfying in performance as we have found it in rehearsal. Now there is the dessert course to look forward to. Here we can promise you a ‘Bombe Surprise’ served with the most fantastic petit fours you have ever seen and washed down with the very best champagne. Nikki Le Roy’s planned production of An Italian Straw Hat seems certain to bring our 25th Season to a triumphantly outrageous conclusion!

So far the season has been a most encouraging one. We have added a large number of new acting members [the current production includes five new names] and we are now in the middle of a weekly drama training course which promises to do much for the quality of our future productions. Our plans for next season are already underway. We are grateful for your continued support and we promise to offer the same wide range of drama as before.

Our Team which won the Radio Brighton Trophy last year went on to win the Southwick Community Association Top Team award last month after a nail-biting final with a formidable Women’s Institute team. Congratulations!

Congratulations too, to Barrie Bowen and the cast, producer and backstage team of The Amorous Prawn who carried off three awards [including best actor] in the Brighton Drama Festival. Now we look forward to the Southwick Festival for which Richard Porter is producing White Liars.”