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And This Was Odd

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

November 21 & 22 1952

And This Was Odd

by Kenneth Horne

Directed by
Anthea Penney

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“Adept at comedy”
– Shoreham Herald –


Michael Dawes – Morton [a man servant]

Diana Hubbard – Nurse Jones [a trained nurse]

Betty Perry – Julia Kemp [Mrs. Simmons’ younger daughter]

Betty Gedge – Jane Simmons [Mrs. Simmons’ elder daughter]

John Wilson – Frank Kemp [Julia’s husband]

Elaine Smithers – Margot Kemp [daughter of Frank and Julia]

Elwyn Wass – Sam Potts [Margot’s fiancé]

Eileen Turley – Mrs. Simmons [an elderly widow]

Betty Carpenter – Lady Wilson [a friend of Julia]


Production Crew

Stage ManagerMaureen Futcher

ASMSheila Cottier

ASMSylvia Sartin

Scenery design – Young Wick Players

PropertiesPat Hollingworth

PropertiesWendy Wright

ElectricianFrank Hurrell

EffectsJohn Chatfield

House ManagerDonald Halfrey