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A Man for All Seasons

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

October 14, 15 & 16 1965

A Man for All Seasons

by Robert Bolt

Directed by
George Porter

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“Moments of brilliance in Pat’s performance”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


David Creedon – The Common Man

Pat Johnson – Sir Thomas More

David Goodger – Richard Rich

Barrie Bowen – The Duke of Norfolk

Angela Bolton – Alice More

Fay Sturt – Margaret More

Nikki Le Roy – Cardinal Wolsey

Ralph Dawes – Thomas Cromwell

Wilfred Perkins – The Spanish Ambassador

Peter Joyce – his attendant

Peter Elson – William Roper

Brian Moulton – King Henry VIII

Pru Thompson – A woman

Peter Power – Archbishop Cranmer


Production Crew

Stage ManagerIan Elliott

LightingFrank Hurrell

Sound EffectsTerry Mase

WardrobeMorfydd Bowen

PropertiesMargaret Perrett

SettingsNorman Hutchins


Programme Note: A Man for All Seasons

GP wrote: “I became interested in Thomas More’s portrait some years ago at the Holbein Exhibition at the National Gallery. It showed a man of integrity and understanding, a man with his feet on firm ground, when most of his contemporaries seemed to be afloat and uncertain. One could see it in the eyes. The Common Man in Robert Bolt’s play prides himself on being able to ‘touch bottom’ and watch his main chance. He is a symptom of the times, a fellow traveller looking after No.1 with a sort of cunning and sense of self-preservation. Perhaps most of the common people were like that.

With More, that great man, it is different. He could not help loving Trust more than family and self. He stood against the current of the times because his intellect raised him above his fellows, who changed to suit every shift of Henry VIII’s passions. The seasons found him constant but in his breadth of character he was, surely a man to relish all seasons.

To present a play of this nature and give it a true flavour of the 16th Century requires a great effort of teamwork and I am happy to be a member of an enthusiastic team, of whom we are all particularly indebted to Morfydd Bowen, Bess Blagden and Nikki Leroy for their work on the costumes and properties.”