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The Murder of Maria Marten or The Red Barn

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

November 12, 13 & 14, 1964

The Murder of Maria Marten  or  The Red Barn

by Brian J. Burton

Directed by
Ian Elliott

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“Real stuff of melodrama”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


J. Hopper – Alice

J. Perrett – William Corder [Squire’s son]

P. Power – Thomas Marten [honest rustic]

R. Hopper – Tim Bobbin [simple rustic]

F. Cowling – Johnny Badger [aspiring swain]

R. Workman – Pharos Lee [officer of the law]]

M. Payne – Maria Marten [Thomas’s daughter]

M. Hammond – Mrs. Marten [Thomas’s wife]

F. Sturt – Anne Marten [Thomas’s young daughter]

I. Pilcher – Meg Bobbin [Tim’s sister]

J. Porter – Nell Hatfield [gypsy]

S. Porter – Rosa Post [gypsy]

D. Burnside – Petera Andrews [gypsy]

M. Perrett – Village Folk

F. Thorne – Village Folk

P. Carpenter – Village Folk

T. Mase – Village Folk


Production Crew

Stage ManagerMr. Ian Elliott

LightingMr. F Hurrell

WardrobeMrs. M. Bowen

PropertyMiss. P Dorman

PropertyMiss. D. Burnside


Programme Note: The Murder of Maria Marten or The Red Barn

BE wrote:
“When first they wrote of poor Maria’s plight,
All things were black, or pre-detergent white.
Actors declaimed the tale in manner splendid
And good must triumph when the story ended
Now played to you, dear
Audience of today
Schooled in the shades of
Psychologic grey
Though you may laugh at
All the deep dyed rage
You still may boo the
Villain from the stage.”