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A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Anderson

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

August 7, 8 & 9, 2008

A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Anderson

by Sue Gordon

Directed by
Mark Best

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“Humorous night’s entertainment”
– Shoreham Herald –


Ian Grover – Hans Christian Anderson

Tom Pearson – Jacob Grimm

William McDonald – Wilhelm Grimm

Karla Coppendale – Narrator

Sophie Lane – Mrs. Ridge

James Villiers – King

Katie Whitmore – King’s daughter

Rhys Webb – Frog Prince

Hannah Oliver – Receptionist

Miles Bland – The Swan Prince

Beth Riggs – The Princess [and the Pea]

Chloe Dyer – The Doll

Sammy Scammell – The Little Mermaid

Joe Gibbs – Mr. Grabbit

Danny Bayford – The Ugly Duckling

Hugo Harwood – Registrar

Jonathan Isaac – Mr. Stiltskin

Allegra Drury – Mrs. Stiltskin

Kirsty Biss – Red Shoes Dancer

Sophie Lane – Briar Rose

Monica Bilinda – Page

Chloe Dyer – Beauty Therapist 1

Kirsty Biss – Beauty Therapist 2

Stewart Foreman – Bed Salesman

Katie Whitmore – Gretel

Tom Harris – Builder

Allegra Drury – Witch

Rhys Webb – Hansel

Miles Bland – Compensation Lawyer

James Villiers – Steadfast Tin Soldier

Tom Harris – Prince

Kirsty Biss – Rapunzel

Monica Bilinda – Announcer

Karla Coppendale – TV Presenter 1

Sophie Lane – TV Presenter 2

Rhys Webb – The Emperor

Jonathan Isaac – Policeman

Hugo Harwood – Elf 1

Stewart Foreman – Elf 2

Joe Gibbs – Cosmetic Surgeon

Hannah Oliver – Nurse


Production Crew

Assistant DirectorKevin Isaac

Stage ManagerRichard Bulling

Deputy Stage ManagerHelen Brewster

LightingMike Medway

SoundKevin Isaac

Props & WardrobeZoey Attree

Backstage CrewRichard Bulling

Backstage CrewAndy Cleveland

Backstage CrewJohn Garland

Backstage CrewTony Brownings

Workshop Team & PainterDavid Comber

Workshop Team & PainterDavid Collis

Workshop Team & PainterRichard Bulling

Workshop Team & PainterMark Best

Workshop Team & PainterSophie Lane

Workshop Team & PainterHolly Lane

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

PublicityLucien Bouchy

PublicityRosemary Brown

PublicityAnna Barden

Publicity DesignZoey Attree

Publicity IllustrationIzabelle Benstead

Production PhotosLucien Bouchy

Front of HouseBetty Dawes