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Dandy Dick

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

May 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2001

Dandy Dick

by Arthur Wing Pinero

Directed by
Olive Smith

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“Did full justice”
– Words & Music –


Hugh Hemmings – The Very Reverend Augustin Jedd, DD

Judith Berrill – Salome [his daughter]

Katalin Szeless – Sheba [his daughter]

Margaret Ockenden – Georgiana Tidman [his sister]

Peter Thompson – Blore [Butler at the Deanery]

David Goodger – Sir Tristram Mardon, Bart.

Ralph Dawes – Hatcham [his groom]

Phil Balding – Major Tarver [Officer quartered at Durnstone, near St Marvells]

John Garland – Mr. Darby [Officer quartered at Durnstone, near St Marvells]

Ray Hopper – Noah Topping [Constable at St Marvells]

Diane Robinson – Hannah Topping [previously Cook at the Deanery]


Production Crew

Stage ManagerMarc Lewis

Assistant to the DirectorBetty Dawes

LightingMike Medway

SoundSimon Snelling

Set BuildingDavid Comber

Set BuildingDavid Collis

Set BuildingBrian Box

Set BuildingMike Davy

Set BuildingMarc Lewis

Set BuildingMark Flower

Set PaintingSheila Neesham

Set PaintingFrances Thorne

PropertiesSue Whittaker

PropertiesMargaret Davy

Wardrobe TeamSheila Neesham

Wardrobe TeamMargaret Pierce

Wardrobe TeamCherry Briggs

Wardrobe TeamAdrian Kenward

Press & PublicityRosemary Bouchy

Press & PublicityFrances Thorne

Press & PublicityRosemary Brown

Press & PublicityJudith Berrill

Front of House Co-ordinatorValerie Bray

Front of House ManagersLucien Bouchy

Front of House ManagersFrank Child

Front of House ManagersPeter Harrison

Front of House ManagersAntony Muzzall

Box OfficeMargaret Murrell


Programme Note #1: Dandy Dick

Pinero and His Plays – from an introduction by Denys Blakelock: “Arthur Wing Pinero was a past master at creating comedy situations and entertaining lines. His specially written plays for the Old court theatre The Magistrate in 1885 and The Schoolmistress in 1886 began his long successful career as a comic dramatist and were followed in 1887 by Dandy Dick which ran for 171 performances at the Royal Court and another 75 when it was transferred to Toole’s Theatre.

Pinero wrote with great carefulness and scrupulous attention to detail. He was reputed to take the best part of a year over a play before it satisfied him. He brought to his writing a special gift for delineation of character and the suggestion of a fundamental reality underlying the extravagances of the convention. This talent of giving his characters an essential core of truth has the effect of keeping the wild improbability of the situations he creates JUST within the bounds of our acceptance!”

The Director understands that character of Noah Topping was inspired by the rural constable of a village adjacent to Brighton – but hasn’t yet discovered which one!