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The Unexpected Guest

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

February 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 1985

The Unexpected Guest

by Agatha Christie

Directed by
Rosemary Biggs

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“Evoked a strong atmosphere”
– Shoreham Herald –


James Biggs – Richard Warwick

Mervyn Gerrish – Michael Starkwedder

Rosemary Mose – Laura Warwick

Sheila Wright – Miss Bennett

Martin Cramp – Jan Warwick

Edwina Fletcher – Mrs. Warwick

Nigel Collard – Henry Angell

David Davison – Sergeant Cadwallader

Ralph Dawes – Inspector Thomas

Michael Donkin – Julian Farrar


Production Crew

ProducerJoan Bearman

DesignerSandra Peaty, Ralph Dawes

Stage ManagerFrances Thorne

A.S.M.Margaret Davy

A.S.M.Susan Whittaker

A.S.M.Ronald Cheesman

A.S.M.Dorothy Edney

Lighting & EffectsFrank Hurrell

Lighting & EffectsBarrie Bowen

Set ConstructionRalph Dawes

Set ConstructionBrian Box

Set ConstructionMark Flower

Set ConstructionMike Davy

Set ConstructionDavid Comber

Front of HouseMark Flower

Box OfficeJill Redman

Foyer DecorRosemary Biggs

Foyer PhotographyCharles Porter


Programme Note #1: The Unexpected Guest

RB wrote: “It is some time since Wick presented an Agatha Christie play and it has been a pleasure to direct The Unexpected Guest, doubly so as this is my first as a Director for the Company.

Agatha Christie’s characters are always very ‘real’ people and even the eccentric Richard Warwick, whose personality affects the whole atmosphere of this play, is no exception. Richard may well have been based on Agatha Christie’s brother, Monty. He had been a big game hunter, was wounded, and on his return to England is described, by her, as ‘one of the most difficult people in the world to live with’.

The incident, related by Laura in Scene 1 of Richard taking pot shots at a caller, actually occurred frequently with Monty. He even ‘sent shots all round’ Madge [his sister] and she was frankly terrified. ‘I can’t think why!’ said Monty. ‘I shouldn’t have hurt her. Does she think I can’t aim?’ .. to quote Agatha Christie’s autobiography.
I hope you will enjoy the play as you join our Inspector and his Sergeant unravel the plot. Can you be absolutely certain, even by the end of the play, who did do it?

We are happy to welcome Edwina Fletcher, Mervyn Gerrish and Nigel Collard, making their first appearances with us and it is good to have Mike Donkin back.”