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The Mad Woman of Chaillot

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

December 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 1980

The Mad Woman of Chaillot

by Jean Giraudoux adapted from the French by Maurice Valency

Directed by
George Rawlins

George Rawlins was, for several years, West Sussex County Council’s Drama Advisor.  George influenced many of our members with his splendid series of courses at the County’s Lodge Hill education centre in the 1960’s.

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” ‘Mad’ Pat steals the show”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


Denis Picott – The Waiter

George Porter – The Little Man

Peter Joyce – The Prospector

Ralph Dawes – The President

Ronald Cheesman – The Baron

Sally Bacon – Therese

Lynn Lloyd – The Street Singer

Mo O’Neill – The Flower Girl

Neil Shepherd – The Ragpicker

Jane Vrettos – Paulette

Rebecca Kitteridge – The Deaf Mute

Jeanette Goode – Irma

Jim Biggs – The Shoelace Peddler

Brian Moulton – The Broker

Sally Pumford – The Street Juggler

Robin Lee – Dr. Jardin

Pat Moss – Countess Aurellia – The Madwoman of Chaillot

Nicholas Thorne – The Doorman

Tim Readman – The Policeman

Antony Muzzall – Pierre

Douglas Tucker – The Sergeant

Ronald Cheesman – The Sewerman

Joan Bearman – Mme Constance

Rosemary Biggs – Mlle Gabrielle

Daphne Thornton – Mme Josephine

Ralph Dawes – The President

Brian Moulton – The President

Douglas Tucker – The President

Peter Joyce – The Prospector

Jim Biggs – The Prospector

Tim Readman – The Prospector


Production Crew

Stage ManagerBrian Moulton

AssistantMargaret Davy

AssistantJill Redman

AssistantSusan Whittaker

LightingFrank Hurrell

LightingAndrew Theaker

Set Construction – Workshop

Set DesignVincent Joyce

Front of HouseFrances Moulton

Box OfficeBarrie Bowen

Programme DesignAntony Muzzall


Programme Note #1: The Madwoman of Chaillot

Programme note: “The Madwoman of Chaillot offers an inventive and ‘practical’ solution to the problems of a world in danger of losing its joy. It is about something we can all understand, something important, something as much a problem in 1980 as when it was written in the early 1940’s, when Paris was occupied by the Germans. It is all explained in the mannered, yet fresh, light, youthful and enthusiastic style of the master, Jean Giraudoux, who has the uncanny ability to create in a completely realistic decor, a theatre of the unreal. His characters are schooled in the gentle stoicism, bearing their rôles with humour and dignity without ostentation, arousing our emotions courteously and delicately, entering our loves chiefly through the mind. It is delightful theatre – elegant, an evocation of power through poetry – a theatre in which the essential is spoken in a whisper.

To many of you George Rawlins will be a new name. George is the County Drama Advisor for West Sussex and we are proud to have him as our guest director. Everyone connected with this play has thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and working on this production. George has pushed, prodded and prompted us to greater heights and for this Wick says ‘Thank You'”

Programme Note #2: The Madwoman of Chaillot

The enormous casting requirements for this play bring a number of new faces to the Barn stage.

Mo O’Neill and Sally Pumford both joined Wick at the beginning of rehearsals for this play.

Lynn Lloyd is a very accomplished piano accordionist. Lynn teaches at the Portslade Community College and entertains at a number of charitable activities. Lynn is currently helping in the raising of funds for a muscular dystrophy sufferer.

Rebecca Kitteridge, a cousin of Jeanette Goode, joins us for this play and is finding that her studies of sign language whilst at Brownies is just what is required for the part of the Deaf Mute.

Jim Biggs, Robin Lee and Tim Readman, have all stepped in, with just two weeks to go, when Wick members were unable to fill the parts.

Our leading lady tonight, Pat Moss, has been back with Wick only two seasons. Pat has kept herself very much backstage, as wardrobe mistress, but could not resist the opportunity of playing this part. Pat’s last performance here was ten years ago. [Say Who You Are in 1970]