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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

June 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2004.


by David Storey

“This piece was exquisite”
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
John Garland


Derek Fraser – Harry

David Goodger – Jack

Rosemary Mose – Kathleen

Joan Bearman – Marjorie

John Garland – Alfred


Production Crew

Lighting – Janice Gooch

Sound Design & Operation – Simon Snelling

Technical Manager – Ryan Lainchbury

Stage Manager – Dave Comber

ASM – Olive Smith

Costume – Cherry Briggs

Workshop Team – Mike Davy

Workshop Team – Dave Collis

Workshop Team – David Comber

Workshop Team – Marc Lewis

Workshop Team – Brian Box

Front of House – Betty Dawes

Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Publicity – Rosemary Brown

Publicity – Judith Berrill


Programme Note #1: Home

John Garland wrote in the programme; “When I was asked to direct this play, I thought it might be a little too close to home for me to be objective. However, throughout the rehearsal period, I have become aware of the hidden depths of the piece and the wonderful writing style of the author. The five residents that we meet may not have anything particularly original to say but the poignancy of their situation, and the strategies that they employ to cope with it, gives a fascinating snapshot of their lives. For this I am very grateful to my cast who have worked extremely hard to master the text and get under the skins of the characters. Much rehearsal time has been spent exploring what makes the tick and I hope this shows in the end result.

The days of large scale institutions have now passed, but we should remember that the original purpose was to provide a place of safety for those too vulnerable to live in the outside world. Although I staunchly advocate the benefits of community care, I feel we should never forget the generation of people for whom the asylum really did become a “Home”.