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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

September 7, 8, 9 & 13, 14 & 15, 2000.


by William Shakespeare

“Gripping performances “
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
Tony Brownings


Jo Hopper – Weird Sister

Katie Szeless – Weird Sister

Hannah Collis – Weird Sister

David Goodger – Duncan [King of Scotland]

Adrian Kenward – Malcolm [his son]

Tom Griffiths – Donalbain [his son]

Peter Thompson – Lennox [Noble Thane of Scotland]

Hugh Hemmings – Angus [Noble Thane of Scotland]

Derek Fraser – Ross [Noble Thane of Scotland]

Rols Ham-Riche – Seyton

Bob Ryder – Macbeth [General in King Duncan’s army]

David Creedon – Banquo [General in King Duncan’s army]

John Garland – Macduff [Noble Thane of Scotland]

Judith Berrill – Lady Macbeth

Stuart Isaac – Fleance [son of Banquo]

Ron Newman – Old Man / Doctor

Ralph Dawes – First Murderer

Jasper Astle – Second Murderer

Hazel Starns – Lady Macduff

Christopher Brownings – Macduff’s Son

Jane Richards – Gentlewoman

David Goodger – Siward

Tom Griffiths – Young Siward


Production Crew

Assistant Director – Peter Thompson

Stage Manager – Dave Comber

Stage Manager – Dave Collis

ASM – Jean Porter

Lighting – Mike Medway

Sound – Simon Snelling

Set Construction – David Comber

Set Construction – Dave Collis

Set Construction – Brian Box

Set Construction – Mike Davy

Set Painting – Sheila Neesham

Set Painting – Frances Thorne

Properties – Sue Whittaker

Properties – Margaret Davy

Costume Co-ordinator – Sheila Neesham

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Brown

Press & Publicity – Frances Thorne

Press & Publicity – Adrian Kenward

Press & Publicity – Judith Berrill

Front of House Manager – David Pierce

Front of House Manager – Lucien Bouchy

Front of House Manager – Peter Harrison

Front of House Manager – Tony Muzzall

Box Office – Margaret Murrell


Programme Note #1: Macbeth

“Well, what is Wick’s Macbeth going to be all about?” wrote Director Tony Brownings. “There is no single ‘right’ way of thinking about or performing Macbeth. It has been hugely popular for almost four hundred years and has been performed many thousands of times in very different versions. Millions of words have been written about it since Shakespeare’s time. It is impossible to reach a final answer to the question ‘what is Macbeth all about?’, because the play works on so many different levels. A multitude of interpretations are possible – all with a claim to truth. The play is a kaleidoscope. Every time it is performed or read it reveals different shapes, patterns, meanings and interpretations.

Our Macbeth will be a play that is accessible to all that see it. A fast moving action packed murder story. For those who want to see more, I hope they will find a study of a murderous mind. A play of social and political realism and a play of illusions, showing the effect on human beings of the mysterious or supernatural.

I have been working with Richard Porter, Dave Comber and Mike Medway on the staging and feel to, our production and we have come up with, what we think is an exciting and innovative setting.”

One aim is to give you an historical thriller, delving deep into a murderer’s mind. It will be a play of illusions and symbolism – but above all a tragedy. The ambition of two people resulting in despair and death ….. have a good evening!”