Neighbourhood Watch

by Alan Ayckbourn

Production dates: June 26, 27, 28 & 29 2019

Directed by John Garland

CAST Announced

Julian Batstone is Martin Massie – 40-50 : initially mild-mannered, Martin becomes corrupted by power and the prestige of his position as chair of the Neighbourhood Watch group, leading to great happiness but, eventually, a sad ending.

Susanne Crosby is Hilda Massie – 45-55 : Martin’s sister. A good, Christian woman increasingly concerned at the change in her brother’s behaviour and trying to set him back on the path of righteousness.

Derek Fraser is Rod Trusser – 60-70 : ex-security guard, happy to resort to physical measures if necessary – and thus the trigger for the events that unfold.

Barbara Isaacs is Dorothy Doggett – 60-70 : widow. Worked for local paper and always interested in knowing (and spreading) gossip. Inevitably, she throws fuel onto the fire …

Ian Mackenzie is Gareth Janner – 40-50 : redundant engineer who discovers a gift for creating instruments of torture and restraint. Thinks his wife is having an affair …

Emily Hale is Amy Janner – 30-40 : Gareth’s wife, who becomes the object of several of the neighbour’s desires…

as yet not cast is Luther Bradley – 35-45 : not a very nice man, always looking for confrontation with the other neighbours. Jealous of Martin’s position in the group.

Andrea Jones is Magda Bradley – 25-35 : Luther’s wife. A music teacher, quite timid and seemingly in an abusive relationship.