Our next production – The Great Gatsby

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 1, 2, 3, & 4 [+mat] 2020

The Great Gatsby

adapted by Peter Joucla from the novel by F Scott Fitzgerald

Directed by
Sarah Frost


Gatsby invites you to one of his famous parties to bear witness to the tragic love story of his life.

The Great Gatsby is a classic piece of American fiction.

F Scott Fitzgerald writes of a man so consumed by hope, he has lost all sense of reality.

Join us at The Barn Theatre to be one of the ‘men and girls that came and went like moths amongst the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.’

What better way to bring in the ’20’s than by transporting yourself back, 100 years, to the “Roaring Twenties”

Jay Gatsby – Phil Nair-Brown

Daisy – Sophie Lane

Tom – Sam Bullen

Nick – Matt Ingram

Jordan / Lucille – Madeleine Hawkey

Myrtle – Emily Dennett

George Wilson / Wolfsheim – Sam Razavi

Butlers / Policeman – Peter Joyce

Chorus 1 / Neighbour – Sue Goble

Chorus 2 – Judy Hann