March 8th – 11th


Tickets: £11

Box Office: 01273 597094

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Play Synopsis

Amy’s view is that love conquers all.  Because of this, she feels we should all try and get along, but is that possible when her mother, Esme and boyfriend Dominic, have such opposing views?

Written by David Hare, the play spans 16 years, from Esme’s first meeting with Dominic to their last.  It opened at The National Theatre in 1997 and then transferred to the West End and on to Broadway, winning several awards.

As with many of Hare’s play, there is a political agenda, exploring the difficulties theatre experienced as technology emerged.  However, this is ultimately a story about how we express love and how much we will sacrifice to be loved.



Sarah London – Esme Allen

Anna Steddon – Amy Thomas

Dan Dryer – Dominic Tyghe

David Peaty – Frank Oddie

Anita Shipton – Evelyn Thomas

Maurice Humphreys – Toby Cole