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SCA – Twenty-Eighth Festival of Arts & Crafts

Southwick & Fishersgate Community Association – Twenty-Eighth Festival of Arts & Crafts
The Festival constitutes the first round of the All England Theatre Festival

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 10 & 11 1981

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Adjudicator: Sheila M. Sharpless

Winning Group: Wick Theatre Company

Best Actor: Alan Dickins – Rother Players

Best Actress: May Hood – Steyning Downland W.I. Drama Group

One-Act Drama Festival

Competitors – in order of appearance:


Steyning Downland W.I. Drama Group


by Kathlyn Selby

Produced by Doris Brinsley


The Barnstormers Youth Theatre Group

Conversations with a Golliwog

by Alexander Guyan

Produced by Kendrick Faulkner


The Southwick Players

The Lover

by Harold Pinter

‘Play withdrawn by the Producer – Christopher Kenneford’


The Rother Players

None So Blind ( the story of Oedipus the King )

adapted by Joanna Evers

Produced by Joanna Evers


The Regency Players

An Author in Search of Eight Characters

by Jessica Fraser

Produced by Jim Keen


The Wick Theatre Company


(as originally performed by the East Loathing Amateur Dramatic Society from ‘The Coarse Acting Show’)
by Michael Green

Produced by Frances Moulton

Brian Moulton – The Inspector
Barry Bowen – Mr. Oliver D’Arcy
Joan Bearman – Mrs. D’Arcy
Antony Muzzall – Hubert D’Arcy
Peter Joyce – The Major
Ronald Cheesman – The Vicar
Douglas Tucker – James
Rosemary Biggs – Cook
Jackie Leppard – Prompt
Walter Plinge – Sergeant