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When We Are Married

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

December 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 1975

When We Are Married

by J. B. Priestley

Directed by
Audrey Laye

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“Teamwork in these marriages”
– Shoreham Herald –


Sally Bacon – Ruby Birtle

Peter Joyce – Gerald Forbes

Mary Payne – Mrs. Northrop

Sheila Deasey – Nancy Holmes

Roger Job – Fred Dyson

Brian Moulton – Henry Ormonroyd

Jean Porter – Maria Helliwell

Frances Moulton – Annie Parker

Betty Dawes – Clara Soppitt

Keith Denyer – Alderman Joseph Helliwell

Douglas Tucker – Councllr Albert Parker

Bill Mack – Herbert Soppitt

Val Burt – Lottie Grady

Ralph Dawes – Rev. Clement Mercer


Production Crew

ProducerGeorge Laye

Stage ManagerGeorge Laye

Set DesignGeorge Laye

Set ConstructionPaul Vrettos

Set ConstructionBill Mack

Set ConstructionGeorge Laye

LightingFrank Hurrell

LightingAndrew Theaker

SoundAndy Brocken

PropertiesMargaret Davy

PropertiesFrances Thorne

Assist Stage ManagerEthel Barrs

Assist Stage ManagerSue Brocken

CostumesMary Payne


Programme Note #1: When We Are Married

AL wrote “When We Are Married is described as a Yorkshire farcical comedy. Yorkshire it is, comedy, certainly, farcical .. this I leave for you to decide at the final curtain.

It is a play I have wanted to direct for a very long time. It is a well constructed play, written by one of our foremost playwrights and authors, J. B. Priestley.

This play is not in the usual Priestley style, for in most of his plays he endeavours to put a message across. He admits that it was pure nostalgia that prompted him to write When We Are Married – memories of his boyhood, characters drawn from his own surroundings and so true to life. For us to peep into the past when the predicament of the three ‘happy’ couples would cause more concern, perhaps, than to-day. However we approach the story line it is surely entertainment and that is what we aim to give.”