The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

May 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 1975


by William Shakespeare

Directed by
Nikki Le Roy

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“This Iago will freeze you”
– Shoreham Herald –


Brian Moulton – Othello, a Moor, General in the Venetian Army

Hilary Wiltshire – Desdemona, his wife

Roger Stott – Cassio, his Lieutenant

Neil Shepherd – Iago, his Ancient [or ‘ensign’ web ed]

Valerie Bingham – Emilia, wife of Iago

Monica Joyce – Bianca, mistress of Cassio

Peter Joyce – Roderigo, in love with Desdemona

Keith Denyer – The Duke of Venice

Bill Mack – Brabantio, a Venetian Senator, father of Desdemona

Keith Denyer – Gratiano, his brother

Bill Mack – Lodovico, his kinsman

Ricky Coussins – Montano, Governor of Cyprus

Peter Murrell – Gentleman and Officers of Cyprus

Peter Harrison – Gentleman and Officers of Cyprus

Ralph Dawes – Gentleman and Officers of Cyprus

Alan Mishkin – Gentleman and Officers of Cyprus

Nikki Le Roy – A Clown

Nikki Le Roy – A Herald

Suzanne Brocken – Lady of Cyprus

Jane Eggleston – Lady of Cyprus

Colinette Craig – Lady of Cyprus

Shidah Mohammed-Zadeh – Lady of Cyprus


Production Crew

ProducerJean Porter

Stage ManagerPaul Vrettos

Assistant Stage ManagerDi Parrish

Assistant Stage ManagerJean Porter

Assistant Stage ManagerEthel Barrs

Set DesignRichard Porter

Set ConstructionAlan Upton

CostumesNikki Le Roy

LightingFrank Hurrell

Sound PlotRoger Stott

SoundJane Eggleston

PropertiesMargaret Davy

Lanterns & Special Properties, Designed & MadeBess Blagden


Programme Note #1: Othello

NLeR wrote: “It has often been said that Shakespeare’s play Othello is misnamed and that it should have been called ‘Iago’. I personally do not agree with this: I believe that the play is most decidedly about the Moor of Venice and that Iago is merely a part of him. Othello is greatly respected by the society in which he lives, loved husband by a beautiful young girl and everything seems to be going for him, except one thing – he is different, his skin is black, and this gives him a sense of insecurity which breeds suspicion and jealousy. A man capable of great love is also capable of great hate. Othello is the noble man of courage and love,. Iago is the insecure, suspicious, hating side of him. Because he is different he cannot accept face values, there must be a catch somewhere and he must be HONEST and search for the snags. [“honest Iago ..” “..Iago is most honest..” echoes through the play.]. Gradually the dark side takes over and eventually destroys the noble and great of heart.

The plot is simple, the matter deep, profound and moving – as is usual with the Bard, too deep and profound to be digested at one sitting but like a full symphony, the familiar passages bring joy and the unfamiliar a thirst for deeper acquaintance.”

Programme Note #2: Othello

“As we come to the close of another season we would like to thank our loyal audiences once again for their loyal support. Our tentative plans for next season are as follows: Girl in my Soup, When We Are Married, Death of a Salesman and My Fair Lady. Out festival play, Monica Joyce’s Antigone, won all the awards at the Southwick Festival and now goes to Henley on June 6.”