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Spring and Port Wine

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

May 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 1971

Spring and Port Wine

by Bill Naughton

Directed by
Ralph Dawes

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“Right good job, Wick!”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


Betty Dawes – Daisy Crompton

Joy Talmage – Florence Crompton

Frances Moulton – Betsy Jane

Patrick Newman – Wilfred Crompton

Neil Shepherd – Harold Crompton

Sally Bacon – Hilda Crompton

Brian Moulton – Rafe Crompton

Barrie Bowen – Arthur


Production Crew

Stage ManagerJack Bingham

Production SecretaryRickard Coussins

LightingFrank Hurrell

PropertiesFrances Thorne

PropertiesMargaret Ockenden

EffectsTerry Gibbs

WardrobePat Moss

Front of House ManagerPaul Carpenter


Programme Note #1: Spring and Port Wine

RD wrote: “Characterisation is a large part of an actor’s or producer’s work. Real ‘characters’ clearly defined are an essential in any play. Spring and Port Wine is a very well written play with strongly indicated characters. The ‘Cromptons’ as individuals are typical of their time [the early 1960’s]. At least, I think we have met some of them.
I hope you find this play as interesting and entertaining in performance as I have found it to produce.”

Programme Note #2: Spring and Port Wine

FRANCES MOULTON, one of WICK’s established actresses, joined us in 1956 and is equally at home as actress or producer. Her taste is for comedies particularly classical. Past performances were with You Never Can Tell, Oh! What a Lovely War, Breath of Spring, Dial M for Murder, The Heiress, The Hollow, Life With Father. All these are as she puts it, plays which hold the audience and a re conclusive. These are the criteria Frances regards as necessary for any play.

Her productions include Pride and Prejudice, Watch It, Sailor, Sailor, Beware and As Long As They’re Happy. Associated with the production function, Frances also has a keen interest in costume, and dislikes productions which disregard attention to authenticity and finish.

FRANK HURRELL is our all too often unsung hero of the lighting box. He has undertaken lighting design and operation on almost every production since our beginning. Together with many of his colleagues of the early days he played a vital rôle in commissioning this theatre and as a member of the Community Centre lighting box staff has continued to maintain and update the lighting and other facilities to give what is by many amateur theatre standards an extremely flexible system.

He designs and plots all our lighting needs and over the years has helped us develop many special effects from explosions to walking umbrellas!

By profession Frank trained as an electronic engineer and is now a Senior Television Engineer with BBC TV. This makes Frank our only member whose profession and hobby are closely allied, and what an advantage that has been and is still to us.