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Say Who You Are

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

June 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 1970

Say Who You Are

by Keith Waterhouse  &  Willis Hall

Directed by
Audrey Laye

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“Challenge is overcome”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


Barrie Bowen – David Lord

Pat Moss – Sarah Lord

Margaret Ockenden – Valerie Pitman

Jack Bingham – Stuart Wheeler

Production Crew

Stage ManagerGeorge Laye

ASMAubrey Wooton

Production SecretarySheila Deasey

LightingFrank Hurrell

PropertiesMargaret Davy

Sound EffectsTerry Mase

Programme Note: Say Who You Are

“Say Who You Are is listed as a comedy. It is from the pen of those two practised artificers, Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. Two earlier plays from this successful team are Billy Liar and All Things Bright and Beautiful which have been termed ‘housing estate’ comedies. Say Who You Are represents a complete change of style. In it we see a direct descendant of the ‘comedy of manners’ – a contemporary drawing-room comedy. Whereas in the past, in this type of play, the life of the day has been glossed over, here people are found in real situations and reacting to them and each other in a natural way.

This play has been termed a bright and brittle near-farce, a recipe for undiluted joy and whilst you might be left in the air as to the outcome at the final curtain, the authors never abandon the realms of comedy.
Kensington is chosen as the venue for this play and as it is necessary to have three distinct acting areas, a challenge has been handed out to the technical staff for the creation of a composite set and the lighting of it. The challenge has been met with great enthusiasm resulting in the transformation of the Barn Theatre into ‘somewhere in South Kensington’ which you see before you.

Say Who You Are – so called because an important member of the cast is a telephone box – became, overnight, one of London’s biggest comedy successes and it is the hope of the Company that it will prove to be a fitting conclusion to this very special season, for us – our 21st.”