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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

February 10, 11 & 12 1966


by David Turner

Directed by
George Baker

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“Uneasy feeling”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


Jean Porter – Hilda Midway

Ian Elliott– Fred Midway

Terry Phillipe – Tom Midway

Jean Bailey – Eileen Midway

Barrie Bowen – Robert Freeman

Fay Sturt – Avril Hadfield

David Goodger – Nigel Hadfield

Betty Dawes – Garnet Hadfield

Ralph Dawes – Arnold Makepiece


Production Crew

Stage ManagerClodagh O’Farrell

Production ManagerDorothy Burnside

LightingFrank Hurrell

PropertiesMargaret Perrett

Sound EffectsTerry Mase

SceneryBarrie Bowen

Wardrobe MistressMorfydd Bowen

Audience OfficerGeorge Porter

Box Office [Southwick 2542] – Mary Chinchen


Programme Note: Semi-Detached

GB wrote: “This is a farce about the modern status race and is in the Classical tradition of say, Jonson or Molier. But don’t be put off by that – you are meant to laugh [as their audiences did at their plays] and we hope you will at this one.

The names of the characters indicate their respective types or present ‘status’ – Fred Midway, Mrs. Midfield [see better days], Bob Freeman and Mr. Makepiece [the gathering of wealth and completing the piece.]

A week or so ago there was a revealing article in the Observer which, if true, makes it clear that the status race is with us for some time to come – in fact large employers of labour appear to welcome and encourage it; it is one of the few stimuli that makes us work now!

You may be surprised and interested to learn that the play was commissioned by the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry and first presented to celebrate the re-opening of Coventry Cathedral and in December 1962 was transferred to the Saville Theatre in London with Sir Laurence Olivier as Fred Midway.”