The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

December 28, 29 [+mat] 2001 – January 3, 4 & 5 [+mat]  2002


Music by George Stiles
Book & Lyrics by Anthony Drewe

Directed by
Rols Ham-Riche

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“Definitely a swan, not a load of old quackers!”
– Shoreham Herald –


Pete Winstone – Ugly

Jo Hopper – Ida

Adrian Kenward – Cat

Dan Newman – Drake, Barnacles, Bruv Swan

Derek Fraser – Turkey. Greylag, Dad Swan, Farmer

Hazel Starns – Maureen, Queenie, Snowy, Penny

Jane Richards – Henrietta, Lowbutt, Dot, Mute Swan

Jan King – Grace, Pinkfoot, Old Woman

Tony Muzzall – Bullfrog

Joe Mott – Swotty Duckling, Boy

Ellie Infield – Stroppy Duckling, Girl

Olivia Robinson – Bossy Duckling

Tom Cullen – Cocky Duckling

Charlotte Kenward – Tomboy Duckling

Imogen Chalk – Tiny Duckling

Katalin Szeless Piano

Bob Ryder Guitar

Hugh Hemmings Keyboard

Jonathon Dawes Drums

Production Crew

Musical DirectorKatalin Szeless

ChoreographyCherry Briggs

ChoreographyAdrian Kenward

ChoreographyTony Muzzall

ChoreographyRols Ham-Riche

Consultant ChoreographerWendy Whatling

PublicityRosemary Bouchy

LightingMike Medway

SoundSimon Snelling

Stage ManagersMarc Lewis

Stage ManagersDavid Comber

PropertiesMargaret Davy

PropertiesSue Whittaker

PropertiesJudith Berrill

PropertiesRols Ham-Riche

DesignRols Ham-Riche

Set Building / Painting / DesignMarc Lewis

Set Building / Painting / DesignDavid Comber

Set Building / Painting / DesignDavid Collis

Set Building / Painting / DesignMark Flower

Set Building / Painting / DesignMike Davy

Set Building / Painting / DesignBrian Box

Set Building / Painting / DesignSheila Neesham

Set Building / Painting / DesignCherry Briggs

PhotographyLucien Bouchy

Window DisplayRosemary Brown

Front of House Co-ordinatorValerie Bray

Programme Note #1: Honk!

R H-R wrote: “Welcome to the Wick’s Christmas production of Honk!. This wonderful musical, telling the story of the Ugly Duckling, was written in 1993 and hatched at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury under the title The Ugly Duckling or the Aesthetically Challenged Farmyard Fowl. A revised version appeared in 1997 at Alan Ayckbourn’s Steven Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. This was directed by Julia Mackensie [Guys & Dolls, Fresh Fields] and was now called Honk! Its quality was recognised when it won ‘Best New Musical’ at the 2000 Olivier Awards and was revived at the National Theatre for a sell out season. Early this year the National embarked on a tour with Tracey Bennett [Coronation Street] and Ida and Norman Pace [Hale & Pace] as Drake.

Our production is the first time a full-scale version of Honk! has been seen in Sussex. It is perhaps the biggest and certainly the most technically and musically challenging show Wick has ever tackled. Thank you for coming to see Honk! and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this huge team effort.

This is the ultimate family show – starring a mother and daughter, an uncle and niece and two unhatched ducklings! Enjoy”