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A Doll’s House

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

October 8, 9, 10 & 11, 1997

A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by
Margaret Ockenden

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“Exciting and courageous”
– Audience –


Tony Brownings – Torvald Helmer

Katalin Szeless – Nora [his wife]

Derek Fraser – Dr. Rank

Heather Richards – Mrs Linde

John Garland – Nils Krogstad

Joan Braddock – Nurse, Anne-Marie

Linda Clark – Maid, Helen

Stuart Isaac – Helmer’s child

Annette Thompson – Helmer’s child

Production Crew

Stage ManagerDave Comber

Assistant Stage ManagerJoan Bearman

LightingTrevor Langley

LightingFrances Thorne

LightingRalph Dawes

PropertiesMargaret Davy

PropertiesSue Whittaker

WardrobeMargaret Faggetter

WardrobeJudith Berrill

WardrobeFrances Moulton

Dance ArrangementTrudy Nash

PianistNick Ryder

Programme Note #1: A Doll’s House

MO wrote “Imagine, in 1889, an upper middle-class couple, husband and wife, dressing for the theatre. They know that Mr Ibsen has a reputation for challenging his audiences, even for being rather controversial, and they hope that his new play, A Doll’s House, will not disappoint. But little do they know what is in store. For here, quite literally, stands a play ready to change their lives.

At the heart of Ibsen’s craft was the ability to pose huge questions about the way that society worked. He did it not through any direct use of politics, or any epic plots, but in domestic settings familiar to the people in the theatre audience of the day, through the words of people recognisably real. In the case of A Doll’s House, he posed alarming questions about the value of a male-dominated society and about the need for people to find truth in their own souls.

Perhaps, in some ways, society has moved in the last hundred years. But the fundamental questions posed by Henrik Ibsen’s play may seem frighteningly familiar to many of us seeing it today.”