Jane Eyre

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

March 7, 8, 9 & 10 1990

Jane Eyre

by Jane Austen

Directed by
Margaret Ockenden

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“Classic by Wick”
– Shoreham Herald –


Claire Wiggins – Jane Eyre

Vic Gough – Mr. Rochester

Audrey Laye – Mrs. Fairfax

Frances Moulton – The Maniac

Rosemary Biggs – Grace Poole

Angela Man – Adele Varens

Ralph Dawes – Lord Ingram

Joan Bearman – Lady Ingram

Carla Hendry – Blanche Ingram

Justin Finn – Briggs

George Illman – Reverend Wood

Charles Porter – Richard Mason

Jane Porter – Diana Rivers

Bob Ryder – St. John Rivers

Claire Hall – Leah

Daphne Thornton – Hannah


Production Crew

Directors AssistantSue Whittaker

Stage ManagerDave Collis

ASMSimon Holden

ASMMike Davy

ContinuitySally Bailey

WardrobeMargaret Faggetter

Set DesignDave Comber

Set ConstructionRalph Dawes

Set ConstructionDave Collis

Set ConstructionDave Comber

Set ConstructionMike Davy

Set ConstructionBrian Box

Set ConstructionMark Flower

Set PaintingFrances Thorne

Properties & DecorMargaret Davy

Properties & DecorSue Whittaker

LightingFrances Thorne

SoundJamie Boath

Foyer DecorationAnn Donkin

Foyer DecorationAndrew Cregeen

Foyer FlowersRosemary Biggs

Music for the SpinetSheila Wright

Front of House ManagerMargaret Murrell

Box OfficeJill Redman

PublicityAndrew Cregeen

PublicityAnn Donkin

PublicityJean Porter


Programme Note #1: Jane Eyre

MO wrote: “The story of Jane Eyre is widely known and we all have personal pictures of Jane and Rochester; however, I am sure the sincerity of the performances of ‘our’ Jane and Rochester will move you. Perhaps the appeal of the story lies in its statement about the power of love – a statement just as important in 1990 as in 1847.

It has been a great pleasure directing this play and working with such a supportive and enthusiastic team. May I wish you all an enjoyable evening.”