From Coward to Cats

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

March 11 & 12 1988

From Coward to Cats

Devised and Directed by Betty Dawes

Musical Director Patrick Johnson

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“Popular with audiences”
– Betty Dawes –

The Players

Judith Atkinson

Betty Dawes

Ralph Dawes

Peter Joyce

Frances Moulton

Brian Moulton

Antony Muzzall

Jill Redman

Trudy Nash

Daphne Thornton

Ruth Kitson – Guest from Southwick Opera

John Kitson – Guest from Southwick Opera


The Evening’s Programme

Act 1 – Selection from West Side Story

Act 2 – Selection from Salad Days


Comment #1: From Coward to Cats

Publication: Wick’s Newsletter No. 14 – Issued March 1988
Author: Betty Dawes

“What a success this was despite having been put together very quickly and rehearsed over a very limited period of time. My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who was either in it, backstage, front of house or in the lighting box, box office or workshop. I really appreciate support I was given.

I still can’t get over how popular it was with the audiences – I’m still getting people coming up to me and saying how very much they enjoyed it. I will give serious thought to From Coward to Cats No. 2 or even From Cats to Coward – but don’t tell my cast – they might emigrate! ”