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The Anniversary

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

February 11, 12, 13 & 14 1987

The Anniversary

by Bill Macilwraith

Directed by
Margaret Ockenden

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“Cynical look at family life”
– Shoreham Herald –


Julian Rose – Tom

Trudy Nash – Shirley

David Peaty – Henry

Ian Bishop – Terry

Judith Atkinson – Karen

Paddy Hartley – Mum

Production Crew

Production ManagerSue Whittaker

Stage ManagerMark Flower

Stage ManagerJenny Law

AssistantJoan Bearman

PropertiesMargaret Davy

LightingFrank Hurrell

LightingFrances Thorne

SoundBarrie Bowen

DecorMargaret Faggetter

Set Design & ConstructionRalph Dawes

Set Design & ConstructionJill Hutchinson

Set Design & ConstructionMark Flower

Set Design & ConstructionDave Comber

Set Design & ConstructionDave Collis

Set Design & ConstructionBrian Box

Set Design & ConstructionMike Davy

Front of House ManagerWin Heselden

Box OfficeJill Redman

Programme Note #1: The Anniversary

MO wrote; “I saw the original production of The Anniversary, and was shocked by it. Twenty years later, it still has the power to dismay, but it is an optimistic play that offers hope for the future. It also has a delightful sense of the ridiculous. Fortunately, I had a superb cast who seized upon the play’s possibilities and a backstage crew who appreciated the importance of setting, lighting and sound.
I hope you enjoy The Anniversary!”

Programme Note #2: The Anniversary

Julian Rose: Julian is a reporter with BBC Radio Sussex. Besides working for News and Features programmes, he has assisted in the production of radio drama. This is his first appearance for ‘Wick’ and we look forward to seeing him many times in the future.

Trudy Nash: Those of you who saw our Christmas production of Pinocchio may not have realised that the charming Columbine was Trudy. In our first play of the season, Pygmalion, Trudy played Clara. She has also appeared in productions for the Brighton and Hove Operatic Society and the Gemini Players. Trudy is at present training to be a teacher.

David Peaty: David’s first appearance for ‘Wick’ was as ‘The little monk’ in Becket. He has taken many parts, notably in The Marquise and Trespass. Although a trained Drama Teacher, David is now undertaking Social Work.

Ian Bishop: For those of you who saw the Southwick Players production of Babes in the Wood yes – it’s Sid Squeak! Ian is an experienced actor in both straight drama and comedy. He played Tony in the ‘Wick’s’ award winning Abigail’s Party. In real life Ian is a travel agent.

Judith Atkinson: Judith is a talented newcomer to ‘Wick’. She appeared as Patti in Season’s Greetings and is a ‘natural’ on stage. She hopes that when she is finished with Karen, she will be cast in a part that has no connection with ladies who have large families!

Paddy Hartley: A trained actress, Paddy has spent much of her life in Rome, where she acted with the Goldoni Theatre. Her favourite parts have been George in The Killing of Sister George and Eleanor in The Lion in Winter. She also appeared in Italian T.V. Commercials. We look forward to seeing more of her work with the Wick Theatre Company.