The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

September 28, 29, 30 – October 1 & 2 1982


by Daphne du Maurier

Directed by
Joan Bearman

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“Lorraine has not reached her peak”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


John King – Frith

Frances Moulton – Beatrice Lacy

Ronald Cheesman – Giles Lacy

Douglas Tucker – Frank Crawley

Jill Redman – Roberts

Daphne Thornton – Alice

Neil Shepherd – Maxim de Winter

Lorraine Hanner – Mrs de Winter

Pat Moss – Mrs Danvers

Ralph Dawes – Jack Favell

Brian Moulton – Colonel Julyan

Frank Child – William Tabb


Production Crew

Stage ManagerBarrie Bowen

A.S.M.Jill Redman

Lighting & EffectsFrank Hurrell

Lighting & EffectsDavid Child

PropertiesMargaret Davy

PropertiesSue Whittaker

Front of HouseRosemary Biggs

Programme CoverAntony Muzzall

Foyer PhotographsGeorge Porter

Box OfficeFrances Thorne

Box OfficeNicholas Thorne


Programme Note #1: Rebecca

JB wrote: “Dear Audience, Thank you for coming to this performance of Rebecca. I was asked to write a programme note but I feel it would be presumptious [sic] of me to venture an introduction to such a well known story. Let it suffice to describe it as a drama of love and mystery. This is Mrs De Winter’s story.

As a relatively recent member of Wick, I was surprised and flattered to be asked to direct the first production of this Season – a daunting task – but I should now like to thank my cast for their dedication and good humour and the back stage crew for their support and hard work. I have survived with far fewer grey hairs than I had anticipated.
We have had a great deal of pleasure rehearsing this play and sincerely hope you will enjoy the results. Should our presentation encourage any of you to become members as well – that would be a delightful bonus.”

Programme Note #2: Rebecca

Jill Redman has for a number of our plays now, appeared on the programme as the ASM which hides her very important rôle back stage – the prompt. Never one to say much during a production, Jill has now been persuaded to step out from the wings as Roberts. When reading the play Jill was puzzled by Mrs de Winter having no name. To find the answer Jill wrote to the authoress, who replied –

“Dear Miss Redman
Excuse a brief reply to your letter, but I have been unwell for some months. The reason I gave no name to the second Mrs de Winter was A – because I wanted to see if it were possible to write a novel without giving a name to the heroine, and B – because anyway I could not think of a suitable name!

I wish you all the success with your production.

Yours sincerely
signed Daphne du Maurier”