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Man About the House

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

October 15, 16 & 17 1981

Man About the House

by John Perry

Directed by
Douglas Tucker

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“Too long about the house”
– Shoreham Herald –


Neil Shepherd – Salvatore Ferraro

Sally Bacon – Assunta

Robin Lee – Ronnie Sanctuary

Sally Pumford – Maria

Douglas Tucker – Antonio

Frances Moulton – Carolina

Pat Moss – Agnes Isit

Joan Bearman – Ellen Isit

Ronald Cheesman – Sir Benjamin Dench

Daphne Thornton – Mrs Spettigue

Ralph Dawes – Mr Potter


Production Crew

Stage ManagerBrian Moulton

AssistantMargaret Davy

AssistantSusan Whittaker

AssistantSally Pumford

Lighting & Sound EffectsFrank Hurrell

AssistantJonathon Dawes

Set ConstructionBrian Moulton

Front of HouseBetty Dawes

Programme DesignAntony Muzzall


Programme Note #1: Man About the House

DT wrote: “I joined WICK in 1969, so it has taken me exactly twelve years to take the plunge into production. After this week it will probably be my first and last! However, whatever the outcome, it has been for me, an exhilarating experience. I shall always remember the tremendous support I have received both from all the members of the Company involved and many friends outside; I am very grateful. The team spirit of the cast has been all that one could ask and it certainly has been a tough six weeks of rehearsals.

To turn to the play for a moment, it is, I consider a powerful piece of theatre calling for many changes of mood on the part of the principal characters. It is a story of failed aspirations – a restrained melodrama building on the familiar theme of the unexpected half-comic, half-tragic impact of the warmth of the Italian climate and character upon the English discipline and restraint. In the end we are left wondering which side has the more ‘passionate realism’ and whether Italian panache will always give way before the reserves of character hidden beneath the naivety and sentiment of the English. Or is the play unfairly weighted in favour of the latter? Will you sympathise with Salvatore or Agnes?

For my part, I reiterate that this production has been a memorable occasion for me and I can only hope that it will be for you.”

Programme Note #2: Man About the House

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