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Sailor, Beware!

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

May 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26, 1979


Sailor, Beware!

by Philip King  &  Falkland Cary

Directed by
Frances Moulton

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“Entire audience hooting with laughter”
– Brighton & Hove Gazette –


Betty Dawes – Emma Hornett

Ralph Dawes – Henry Hornett

Betty Elliott – Eddie Hornett

Miranda Bowen – Shirley Hornett

Barrie Bowen – Albert Tufnell, A.B

Ray Hopper – Carnoustie Bligh, A.B

Clodagh Riedl – Daphne Pink

Jean Porter – Mrs Lack

Douglas Tucker – Rev. Oliver Purefoy

Production Crew

Stage ManagerBrian Moulton

AssistantMargaret Davy

AssistantFrances Thorne

AssistantSally Bacon

AssistantSusan Whittaker

LightingFrank Hurrell

AssistantAndrew Theaker

AssistantBob Baker

AssistantTom Bannister

Set Design & ConstructionBrian Moulton

Front of HouseGeorge Porter

Box OfficeSandie Joyce

Programme DesignVincent Joyce

Programme Note #1: Sailor, Beware!

FM wrote: “For those of you who have supported us for more years than you may care to recall, I should like to reassure you that you are not suffering from de ja vu.

You are about to see the same production with almost the same ingredients as twenty years ago. The missing ingredients are pat Carpenter as ‘Shirl’ now living in Harrogate, Miranda’s brother Nicolas as Purefoy, who is in South Africa, and Betty Elliott’s sister Mary as Mrs. Lack

The other missing ingredient and creator of this very funny play is author, friend and late President of the Southwick Players, Philip King, who sadly passed away in February. He was to have been with us this week.

We all entered this production with some trepidation as magic moments from the past do not always render up the same feelings when recreated, but as a marking of 100 productions we think it is both fitting and entertainment to present. We also take pleasure in presenting it as our tribute to the memory of Philip King.”

[Playwright Philip King died of cancer at his Brighton home February 9th 1979.]