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SCA – Twenty-Fourth Festival of Arts & Crafts

Southwick & Fishersgate Community Association – Twenty-Fourth Festival of Arts & Crafts
The Drama Festival is again being run as a first stage in the National Festival of Community Theatre.

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 15 & 16 1977

Adjudicator: Elizabeth Wilson

Winning Group: The Rother Players

Best Actor: David Creedon – Wick Theatre Company

Best Actress: Patricia Edwards – The Rother Players

One-Act Drama Festival

Competitors – in order of appearance:

The Ashington Players

Squat Betty

by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Produced by Brenda C. Sandell


The Barnstormers Youth Theatre Group


by Nick Faulkner
Produced by Lucy Inns


The Wick Theatre Company

Bedtime Story

by Sean O’Casey
Produced by Richard Porter

David Creedon – John Joe Mulligan
Valerie Burt – Angela Nightingale
Roger Job – Daniel Halibut
Angela Laye – Miss Mossie


The Aquarius Theatre Group

The Man of Destiny

by Bernard Shaw
Produced by Betty Midderigh


The Rother Players


by Sophocles
Produced by Joanna Evers


The Southwick Players

The Apollo de Bellac

by Jean Giraudoux
Produced by Heather Youdale