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Mr. Bolfry

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

May 9, 10 & 11, 1963.

Mr. Bolfry

by James Bridie



Directed by
Bess Blagden


Raymond Hopper – Cohen

Barrie Bowen – Cully

Sally Goldsmith – Jean

Fay Sturt – Morag

Ralph Dawes – Mr. McCrimmon

Clodagh O’Farrell – Mrs. McCrimmon

Ian Elliott – Mr. Bolfry


Production Crew

Stage Manager – John Perrett

ASM – Elizabeth Courtney-King

ASM – Mary Chinchen

Lighting – Frank Hurrell

Wardrobe – Morfydd Bowen

Properties – Margaret Perrett

Effects – Grahame Snow

Setting Design – John Perrett

Setting Construction – John Perrett

Front of House Manager – George Penney


Programme Note: Mr. Bolfry

BB wrote “For our last production this season I had hoped to have produced The Queen and the Rebels, but I found through unforeseen circumstances I was unable to do so. Mrs. Penney suggested Mr. Bolfry and after I had read it, I liked it so much that I decided to do it. It has its pitfalls, and I hope that nobody will be upset.

Please remember that Bridie is putting a point of view – whether you agree with it or not. To quote James Agate “It is an adult play. Is the talk good? We have all thought so in our time. In any case it is good enough to make the amateur philosopher inside each one of us want to answer back.”

For those of us who are not philosophers I hope, with the most willing co-operation of the backstage staff to provide enough alarums and excursions to keep you interested, and I hope that you will not have occasion to say with Conk; ‘..I’m bored bloody stiff.'”