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Daisy Pulls It Off

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

June 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2015.

Daisy Pulls It Off

by Denise Deegan

“Every performance honed to perfection”
– NODA –


Directed by
Diane Robinson


The Girls

Sophie Lane – Daisy Meredith

Helen Armes – Clare Beaumont

Anna Quick – Sybil Burlington

Sarah Frost – Alice Fitzpatrick

Naomi Horsfall – Trixie Martin

Elizabeth Ryder-Weldon – Belinda Mathieson

Juliette van Noorden – Winnie Irving

Rebecca Hodge – Dora Johnson

Phoebe Williams-Hine – Monica


The Grown-Ups

Judith Berrill – Miss Gibson

Annabelle Heath – Daisy’s Mother

Maggi Pierce – Miss Granville

Heather Jefferies – Mademoiselle

Annabelle Hath – Miss Waller

Dan Dryer – Mr Scoblowski

Bob Ryder – Mr Thompson


Production Crew

Stage Manager – David Comber

Deputy Stage Manager – Julian Batstone

Lighting – Kieran Pollard

Lighting – George Dan

Sound Design – Bob Ryder

Sound Operation – George Bundock

Wardrobe – Maggi Pierce

Wardrobe – Cherry Fraser

Properties – Anita Shipton

Properties – Di Tidzer

Set Construction & Painting – Nigel Goldfinch

Set Construction & Painting – Carl Gray

Set Construction & Painting – David Comber

Set Construction & Painting – Dave Collis

Set Construction & Painting – Sue Chaplin

Set Construction & Painting – Sheila Neesham

Set Construction & Painting – Margaret Davy

Set Construction & Painting – Gary Walker

Music Co-ordinator – Elizabeth Ryder-Weldon

Dance Co-ordinator – Sarah Frost

Rehearsal Prompt – Caroline Woodley

Poster Design – Richard Joyce

Publicity – Peter Joyce

Publicity – Maggi Pierce

Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Publicity – Judith Berrill

Front of House – Betty Dawes


Programme Note #1: Daisy Pulls It Off

DR wrote: ” Jemima! If you’re reading this, it must mean production week has begun! Jubilate, What fun!

Well, I would love to be able to say that it has been long held ambition of mine to direct this play but that would not be true! In fact when I was originally asked whether I would like to direct Daisy, I was flattered to be asked, but not overly keen. As an ex-Drama teacher and examiner, I had seen some pretty dreadful renditions of this play and, sadly, had never seen a professional or high quality production.

I was completely wrong to be so skeptical, it is a wonderfully joyous, well-written and entertaining play and in the extremely capable hands of my wonderful cast, it is proving to be an excellent choice of play for the Wick Theatre Company.

The play Daisy Pulls It Off has a cast of 15 and 13 of those are females: a brilliant opportunity to cast a number of Wick Theatre company’s very talented actresses. It was also not only current members who were tempted by a play that everyone else saw the potential in but me, for it attracted the wonderful talents of 5 new acting members and the return of two ex-members!

Daisy Pulls It Off is wonderfully entertaining, fast-paced play and hopefully, with the brilliant and talented Wick Theatre Company cast you see before you tonight, you are in for an absolutely spiffing night out!

It only remains for me to say therefore a very big thank you to you for coming to this production and to my lovely, intelligent and committed cast for making the rehearsal process such a joy! ”