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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

October 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2009.


by Ben Elton

“Realistic set – clever animation”
– Brighton Argus –


Directed by
Steve Gallant


John Garland – Karl Brezner

Bob Ryder – Bruce Delamitri

Sophie Lane – Velvet Delamitri

Zoë Edden – Farrah Delamitri

Guy Steddon – Wayne Hudson

Anna Quick – Scout

Amanda Urwin-Mann – Brook Daniels

Allegra Drury – Kirsten

David Thomas – Bill


Production Crew

Director’s Assistant – Fiona Cameron

Stage Manager – Fiona Cameron

Deputy Stage Manager – Natalie Colgate

Lighting Design – Mike Medway

Video Projection & Animation – Andy Etter

Sound Design – Steve Gallant

Light & Sound Operation – Lee Wenham

Set Construction – David Comber

Set Construction – Carl Gray

Set Construction – Dave Collis

Set Construction – Paul Checkley

Set Painting & Dressing – Sue Chaplin

Set Painting & Dressing – Sheila Neesham

Set Painting & Dressing – Margaret Davy

Wardrobe – Cherry Briggs

Wardrobe – Zoey Attree

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Displays – Rosemary Brown

Poster Design – Clare Hall

Publicity Photography – Lucien Bouchy

Front of House – Betty Dawes


Programme Note #1: Popcorn

Bruce Delamitri is a movie director on a mission – winner of the Best Director Oscar, he’s the hero of the MTV generation for his violent films which, he claims, simply hold up a mirror to real life and portray the lives of ordinary Americans. But in a world where explosive and extreme violence is becoming common place, it is time to admit that art doesn’t only imitate life – it influences it.

Popcorn is Elton’s satirical take on the shallow inhabitants of Hollywood and the movie -culture of the nineties. His brutal honesty and acerbic wit arte perfectly suited to the subject matter and although cynical, the dark humour is never far beneath the surface. As one of his earlier forays into writing, it remains one of his strongest pieces to date.

Popcorn was first published as a book in 1996 and Elton himself adapted the story into a play which was first presented with The West Yorkshire Playhouse at the Nottingham playhouse in September 1996 and subsequently presented at the Apollo Theatre, London, in April 1997.”