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Dad’s Army

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

January 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2006.

Dad’s Army

by Jimmy Perry  &  David Croft

“Double-bill saved by second half”
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
Tony Brownings


Are You Being Served?

by Jimmy Perry  &  David Croft

Directed by
Peter Thompson


Cast – Dad’s Army

John Griffiths – Captain Mainwaring

Bob Ryder – Sergeant Wilson

Pat Alden – Corporal Jones

David Creedon – Private Frazer

Ray Hopper – Private Godfrey

John Garland – Private Walker

Ryan Lainchbury – Private Pike

Ralph Dawes – Private Sponge

Pete Thompson – Private Hancock

Derek Fraser – The Colonel

Ian White – U Boat Captain

Kevin Isaac – Air Warden Hodges

Simon Druce – Mr. Yeatman the Verger

Judith Berrill – Mrs. Grey

Maggi Pierce – Edith Parish

Joan Pimm – Mrs. Pike

Joan Bearman – Mrs. Fox

Candice Trietsch – Miss Ironside

Lynda Mostyn – Ivy Samways

Mark Flower (Young Wick Member) – U boat Crew

Mark Best (Young Wick Member) – U boat Crew


Cast – Are You Being Served?

Ray Hopper – Mr. Grainger

Mark Best – Mr. Marsh

Kevin Isaac – Mr. Rumbold

John Garland – Mr. Lucas

Kira Brannlund – Miss Brahms

Bob Ryder – Captain Peacock

Maggi Pierce – Mrs. Slocombe

Ian White – Mr. Humphries

Pat Alden – Young Mr. Grace

Jan King – Customer

Tony Brownings – Customer

Candice Trietsch – Nurse


Production Crew

Stage Manager – David Comber

ASM – Olive Smith

Technical Stage Manager – Helen Brewster

Lighting – Mike Medway

Sound – Ian Healey

Properties – Margaret Davy

Properties – Sue Whittaker

Wardrobe – Cherry Briggs

Wardrobe – Margaret Pierce

Set & Technical Team – Sylvie Walder

Set & Technical Team – Nicki Moston

Set & Technical Team – Sheila Neesham

Set & Technical Team – Tracey Holmes

Set & Technical Team – Tony Holmes

Set & Technical Team – Mike Davy

Set & Technical Team – Robert Mitchell

Set & Technical Team – Dave Collis

Set & Technical Team – David Comber

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Press & Publicity – Lucien Bouchy

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Brown

Press & Publicity – Simon Druce

Poster & Programme Design – Judith Berrill

Box Office – Margaret Murrell

Front of House Co-ordinator – Betty Dawes


Programme Note #1: Dad’s Army & Are You Being Served?

The Directors of our two shows have tried to think of clever things to say about the dramatic integrity of their work, the sublime messages of the playwrights and the supreme talents of their cast and technical crews. But what the hell .. this is just good, clean [or fairly clean] fun!

There is something wonderfully British about the situation of the 1940s Home Guard and the situation of the 1970s department store that cries out to be celebrated in great British situation comedy. Messrs Croft, Perry and Lloyd are masters of the art – and Messrs Brownings and Thompson know a good thing when they see it.

Wick Theatre Company loves to do Shakespeare, loves to do serious drama and adult comedy – but it also loves jokes and pussies and stupid boys. We hope you do too!