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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

March 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2001.


by Joe Orton

“Breezed through complex dialogue”
– Brightonpages Online –


Directed by
Hannah Collis


Hugh Hemmings – McLeavy

Jo Hopper – Fay

Ben de Silva – Hal

Lee Stevens – Dennis

David Goodger – Truscott

David Bickers – Meadows


Production Crew

Stage Manager – David Collis

ASM – Theresa Manville

Lighting – Mike Medway

Sound – Simon Snelling

Set Building – David Comber

Set Building – Brian Box

Set Building – Mike Davy

Set Building – Marc Lewis

Set Building – David Collis

Painting – Frances Thorne

Painting – Sheila Neesham

Properties – Margaret Davy

Properties – Sue Whittaker

Wardrobe – Judith Berrill

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Press & Publicity – Frances Thorne

Press & Publicity – Rosemary Brown

Programme – Bob Ryder

Front of House Manager – David Pierce

Front of House Manager – Antony Muzzall

Front of House Manager – Lucien Bouchy

Front of House Manager – Peter Harrison

Box Office – Margaret Murrell


Programme Note #1: Loot

Joe Orton’s reputation for dramatic writing has rested mainly on just three full-length plays: Entertaining Mr. Sloane [1964], Loot [1966], and What the Butler Saw [staged posthumously, 1969]. In their time – which was still the time of the Lord Chamberlain’s power of censorship over the theatre – these were controversial plays, because of the casual immorality of the characters and their irreverence or ‘tastelessness’ of some of the subject matter. But, with the passing of time, other more classic qualities have become clearer. Joe Orton actually stands in a long line of comedy playwrights, from Congreve and Sheridan, through Wilde and Coward, for whom the comedy is in the style rather than the substance. The situations are absurd and the characters are exaggerated, while their language and reactions are outrageously superficial. It’s a wicked combination.