From Coward to Cats

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

March 11 & 12, 1988.

From Coward to Cats

by Betty Dawes



Directed by
Betty Dawes

The Players

Judith Atkinson

Betty Dawes

Ralph Dawes

Peter Joyce

Frances Moulton

Brian Moulton

Antony Muzzall

Jill Redman

Trudy Nash

Daphne Thornton

Ruth Kitson – Guest from Southwick Opera

John Kitson – Guest from Southwick Opera


The Evening’s Programme

Act 1 – Selection from West Side Story

Act 2 – Selection from Salad Days


Programme Note #1: From Coward to Cats

Note from webed: This two-nighter was inserted into the programme as a ‘Special Attraction in aid of the 4-Year Plan’.


Comment #1: From Coward to Cats

Publication: Wick’s Newsletter No. 14 – Issued March 1988
Author: Betty Dawes

“What a success this was despite having been put together very quickly and rehearsed over a very limited period of time. My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who was either in it, backstage, front of house or in the lighting box, box office or workshop. I really appreciate support I was given.

I still can’t get over how popular it was with the audiences – I’m still getting people coming up to me and saying how very much they enjoyed it. I will give serious thought to From Coward to Cats No. 2 or even From Cats to Coward – but don’t tell my cast – they might emigrate! ”