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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

January 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, 1982.


by Lionel Bart


Directed by
Barrie Bowen


Clifford Etteridge – Oliver Twist
[evening performances Saturdays, Monday, Wednesday, Friday]

Richard Bowley – Oliver Twist

Lara Bowen – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Amanda Cool – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Joanna Cocozza – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

John Danzelman – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Rosalind Fenton – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Jason Green – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Anthony Gristwood – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Tommy Moss – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Anthony Strong – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

Stephen Strong – Workhouse Boy & Fagin’s Gang

John King – Mr. Bumble

Betty Dawes – Widow Corney

Frank Child – Mr. Sowerberry

Joan Bearman – Mrs Sowerberry

Sally Pumford – Charlotte

Nicholas Thorne – Noah Claypole

Aidan Bowen – Artful Dodger
[evening performances Saturdays, Monday, Wednesday, Friday]

Richard Thompson – Artful Dodger

Sally Bacon – Londoner

Joan Bearman – Londoner

Miranda Bowen – Londoner

Tim Cara – Londoner

Ronald Cheesman – Londoner

Frank Child – Londoner

Dave Collis – Londoner

Amanda Dawes – Londoner

Betty Dawes – Londoner

Ralph Dawes – Londoner

John King – Londoner

Sally Pumford – Londoner

Joy Talmage – Londoner

Daphne Thornton – Londoner

Sheila Neesham – Londoner

Jane Vrettos – Londoner

Meg Woodhouse – Londoner

Patrick Johnson – Fagin

Lorraine Hanner – Nancy

Karen Mulholland – Meg

Ronald Cheesman – Mr. Brownlow

Neil Shephard – Bill Sykes

Daphne Thornton – Mrs Bedwin

Ralph Dawes – Dr. Grimwig

Meg Woodhouse – Old Sally

Lara Bowen – Dancer

Amanda Cool – Dancer

Rosalind Fenton – Dancer


Production Crew

Musical Director – Patrick Johnson

Musical Director – Eric Thompson

Choreography – Miranda Bowen

Piano – Eric Thompson

Piano – Myra Gristwood

Percussion – Paul Turner

Stage Manager – Alan Bailey

Assistant – Jill Redman

Assistant – Margaret Davy

Assistant – Sue Whittaker

Set Design & Construction – Vincent Joyce

Costumes – Pat Moss

Costumes – Frances Moulton

Lighting – Frank Hurrell

Lighting – Jonathon Dawes

Box Office – Frances Thorne

Box Office – Nicholas Thorne


Programme Note #1: Oliver!

BB wrote: “Oliver was first presented at the New Theatre London on June 30th 1960 and ran for 2,618 performances making it the longest running London musical by late 1966.

I was fortunate to see one of the early performances and have remained impressed ever since. The adaptation and scoring arranged for continuous action using intricate revolving set by the renowned Sean Kenny.

The appeal of a Dicken’s story is of course universal and the addition of Bart’s music never fails to accentuate the story’s appeal. The evocative scoring has always made me think we regard Bart’s Fagin as a somewhat over appealing anti hero – perhaps we all recognise a little of Fagin’s devilment in ourselves.

For you all – younger ones especially – I trust our presentation contains its intended continuous performance and that we do not obscure the ultimate and inevitable pointlessness of crime.

My thanks to my cast and production team who have worked tirelessly to bring this production about and to my family who can now look forward to the completion of some home projects.”