Wick Theatre Company’s online database of its productions and their personnel was conceived and created by Peter Joyce in 2005.

This comprehensive history provides records of productions from the first as the “Unity Players”, at the Red Triangle Club, in the Twitten, Southwick on April 15th 1950 through 1951, when the Barn Theatre opened and we performed as “The Young Wick Players” until finally in October 31st 1962 when, recognising we had outgrown ‘Young’, we presented our first production as the “Wick Theatre Company”.

It is intended to publish available photos alongside the productions in a Gallery Page.

There are sections for One-Act Drama Festivals and Full-Length Drama Comptitions

It is managed by Peter and Richard Joyce.

Past Performances

cast – crew – press publicity – reviews

Cast & Crew

actor biographies


Southwick Community Centre One-Act Drama Festivals : 1954 – 1995

Full-Length Drama Competitions

Brighton & District Drama Association : Wick Theatre Company’s involvement : 1973 – 1977

Brighton & Hove Arts Council : 1984 – present